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March 18, 2022

What is WFO? A Full Overview of Workforce Optimization

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WFO is an effective call center business strategy.

Workforce optimization (WFO) may seem like a vague, catch-all term. What are the benefits? What should you look for in a WFO software? Is WFO worth the investment?

According to Aberdeen, companies that use WFO software are 60% more likely to capture customer info scattered across communication channels and empower agents with insights to problem-solve. We break down everything you need to know about workforce optimization in this article, so you can find the best WFO solution and start reaping the benefits.

What is WFO?

WFO, or workforce optimization, is a business strategy that involves integrating solutions, processes, and contact center technologies to optimize employee productivity and efficiency. In call centers, WFO helps maximize workforce management and agent performance.

How does WFO work?

Workforce optimization is more than just one software. It’s an entire suite or ecosystem. WFO is a combination of software, tools, and processes that all work together to create a better customer and agent experience. WFO software utilizes processes like data collection and speech analytics to quickly route customers to the best possible solution. 

The main advantages of WFO are to improve customer experience, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and boost employee satisfaction.

Why do you need WFO in your contact center?

When you think of a contact center, what comes to mind? Long wait times? Dropped calls? Frustrated customers? Historically, that’s been the case. And rightfully so. But more and more companies are modernizing their contact centers with workforce optimization. It’s changing the game by helping support and direct customers with less agent legwork. Think of it like the glue that holds your support system together.

Support great performance across channels: With easy-to-use WFO tools, you can engage your team and support customer-centric performance in an omnichannel environment through a single interface.

Make data-driven business decisions: WFO technology collects data faster and more accurately across channels. You can use this information to power smarter business decisions for your contact center.

Empower your agents to learn and improve: Comprehensive WFO suites monitor quality and management processes, then use this information to provide objective, detailed feedback and targeted training to your team which can help to resolve broken processes.

WFO, or workforce optimization, is a business strategy that involves integrating solutions, processes, and contact center technologies to optimize employee productivity and efficiency.

What is workforce management (WFM)?

Workforce management (WFM) is a general term that refers to a set of processes that a company uses to optimize employee productivity. In call centers, WFM software help forecast call volumes and optimal staff schedules. WFM software are often stand-alone applications whereas WFO suites are an integrated group of software tools that work together to optimize your call center as a whole.

What should you look for in a WFO solution?

One unified platform with easy integration

Contact center operations should be accessed via a single and secure platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers. Look for a solution that supplements rather than replaces your existing systems and CRMs so agents can get up and running quickly.

Business intelligence and performance analytics

Access channel, agent, customer, and interaction data for an entire view of operations, customer experience, and agent performance. The reporting interface should be user-friendly, so the right stakeholders can run the right reports as often as they need.

Speech analytics and quality management

Use speech and multichannel analytics to understand and analyze what is happening on all of the interactions in your contact center. With a quality management tool, you can leverage these insights and embed a cycle of monitoring, reporting, coaching, and training to improve contact center performance.

Coaching and eLearning

Find a WFO suite that offers training and eLearning programs, call recordings, and performance reports, so you can enable agent learning and boost performance.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Determine what drives performance in your call center with customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT). Your team should be able to easily create and implement surveys post-call to understand the sentiment and overall satisfaction of customers.

Workforce optimization and CX go hand in hand. Determine what drives performance in your call center with customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT).

Reduced total cost of ownership

To drive performance and stay on top of security requirements, search for a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model that avoids unnecessary technology, minimizes the need for costly professional services, and offloads security costs.

With LiveVox’s Workforce Management solution, you can implement a cutting-edge, yet simplified approach to workforce optimization. Utilize one unified platform to streamline your call center operations with features like out-of-box advanced reports, drag and drop visual UI, machine learning models, and native CRM and channel functionality.

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