September 27, 2022

What is the Best VoIP Provider for Call Centers?

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What is the Best VoIP Provider for Call Centers?

VoIP, or Voice-Over Internet Protocol, is the most common phone system setup that businesses use. There are hundreds of VoIP providers, and it can be difficult to narrow down which one is the best fit for your company. Providers offer a wide variety of VoIP packages that differ through various factors such as pricing, contracts, quality, and more. In this article we’re going to explore different options and the best VoIP provider for call and contact centers.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is essentially a way for users to make and receive calls over the Internet. Voice data is transmitted as IP packets over a network. Instead of using a physical phone network setup, businesses rely on VoIP to provide communication needs. A good analogy is similar to cloud storage vs. an external hard drive. One setup functions as space in the “Internet,” and the other is space within a physical hard drive.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

There are numerous advantages of VoIP phone systems when compared to on-site phone networks. One of these reasons is cost. On-site phone systems can be very expensive. Companies must consider installation, maintenance, and repair. When an onsite phone system supports a large call center, businesses may need to hire a full-time technician to avoid possible downtime. Otherwise, they risk having to wait for a technician to show up should something go wrong with their network. 

Which is the best VoIP service for call and contact centers

VoIP, on the other hand, is much less costly. Cloud-hosted VoIP simply requires compatible phones. Since it functions via the Internet, providers can quickly set businesses up. It generally requires little to no maintenance besides routine software updates. When something isn’t working correctly within a VoIP setup, providers often have tech support agents available so that they can troubleshoot with clients over the phone. 

On-site phone networks are also expensive to scale. It requires more installation, equipment, and labor. For example, if a company needs to hire 30 more employees, they must have enough storage on their local servers. They must also purchase all the equipment. In a call center, every agent must be set up and connected to the network. Scaling with on-site phone networks is costly and time-consuming.  

How to choose the best VoIP service for your call center?

When considering which VoIP provider to select, it’s important to know what gaps exist within your business. This will help you know what features to look out for to fulfill those needs as you learn about different VoIP providers. LiveVox, which develops technology-driven solutions designed to maximize efficiency for call center operations, provides one of the leading VoIP services in the industry. If you want to set your call center up for success, read below to find out what sets LiveVox apart. 

IVR capabilities

Integrated Voice Response through the LiveVox VoIP system truly puts the customer at the forefront. It gives them the ability to navigate their account and perform routine account maintenance without waiting on hold to speak to a live agent. Instead of pressing keys on the dial pad in response to prompts, customers can speak their selections and questions into the phone. LiveVox IVR recognizes keywords, making self-service much easier. Customers can do anything from making payments to tracking orders, completely hands-free besides the initial dial. Not only does IVR enhance the customer experience, but it also reduces heavy call volume that can place immense pressure on call center agents. Since IVR helps customers complete simple tasks, agents experience a lighter call load and can focus on helping those with more complex problems.

Performance monitoring

LiveVox VoIP also helps call centers narrow down agents’ areas of improvement. Through call monitoring and recording, team leaders can efficiently provide coaching for their agents. LiveVox uses highly-advanced speech recognition tools to flag designated keywords. This makes it easier for supervisors to quickly identify high-risk calls and address problems. Call recording is also useful to showcase top agent performance. Trainees can benefit from listening to valuable calls to understand call centers’ standards of excellence. 

Business intelligence

LiveVox VoIP also provides detailed call records that show all incoming and outgoing calls. This can be used to identify every single number an agent made and received, what time calls occurred, and the person they contacted. In addition, contact centers take advantage of call data to prepare for heavy call volume days through efficient scheduling. Analytics can also provide better routing capabilities. For example, you could route specific types of calls to agents with higher resolution rates that were visible through a call analytics report. 

LiveVox VoIP also provides detailed call records that show all incoming and outgoing calls

Reliable maintenance and tech support

Understanding your VoIP provider’s own customer service line is also crucial. LiveVox makes it easy for call centers to reach out for help. Turnaround times are quick, thanks to a Unified Services Routing model LiveVox uses. This streamlines all requests, ensuring that every customer is taken care of. LiveVox’s vast experience within the call center industry is how their support teams understand how important it is to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

LiveVox is a clear winner when it comes to VoIP providers. Learn how LiveVox VoIP solutions can help streamline your contact center’s workflows and improve operational efficiency here

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