September 19, 2022

What is the Best Live Chat Software For Enterprise Customer Service Teams?

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What is the Best Live Chat Software For Enterprise Customer Service Teams?

Chat support has become one of most convenient ways for customers to reach out for service. Most platforms make it available through various mediums. Many companies provide live chat through their website, mobile website, app, and even basic SMS. Customers are able to get the quick help they need to accommodate their busy lives. This leaves more live agents available to talk to customers who need to speak with someone for more complex issues. Let’s explore what makes the best live chat software for enterprise businesses.

The ease and convenience that comes from providing chat support enhances the customer journey. It gives customers the power to choose how they want to connect and is considerate of their time. Urgent calls requiring live assistance are answered faster since agents are freed up. This allows them to become engaged and focus on every caller’s unique situation and provide improved customer service. The stress stemming from heavy call volume is lessened and improves the overall agent experience. 

Integrating chat support into a company’s customer service workflow engages users and leaves them with a positive experience. However, the right live chat software may be a challenge to identify because several factors can impact a program’s efficacy with different call center systems. A few things to consider when shopping for live chat software:

  • What will you specifically be offering live chat support for? 
  • How much is your call center willing to spend? 
  • Is tech support readily available? 
  • What other platforms must the live chat software be able to communicate with? 
  • Is it customizable? 
  • Is it user friendly (AX/CX)?

Those are some important questions to think about when looking for the best customer service chat software for your enterprise. Addressing questions like this will ensure a smooth implementation. 

live chat software is a multi-faceted system that is easily configured to suit a call center’s needs

LiveVox live chat software

LiveVox specializes in developing highly advanced software systems and tools for the call center. Their live chat software is a multi-faceted system that is easily configured to suit a call center’s needs. Read on to learn about the live chat platforms LiveVox has developed and how their features are designed to enhance both the agent and user experience.

Webchat, SMS, and AI virtual agents

The LiveVox omnichannel platform gives both agents and customers access to different forms of live chat. 


Webchat allows customers to talk to live or virtual agents from a chat portal on a company’s website. When customers seek help on a website through buttons like “Contact Us” or “Help”, they can be guided to a chat box. Webchat is convenient for customers because it can be available 24/7. Through LiveVox’s integrative capabilities, account information can be provided to customers through the web chat feature. Customer chat history is available to agents, and allows for a more customized experience. 


The LiveVox SMS tool provides agents the ability to interact with clients via text. From campaign management to compliance, the LiveVox SMS tool ensures that agents are able to maximize their communication efforts. Clients can initiate a conversation with a company via chat. LiveVox routes the customer to the right agent, and the agent can continue to help them. Agents can “chat” on their computer as the customer receives messages through texting. 

AI Virtual Agents

AI Virtual Agents are customizable software that’s designed to help customers. They are usually used to help route customers to the right agent or reduce call volume by prompting self-help solutions. LiveVox AI sounds natural, and can be set up to provide numerous services such as order tracking or troubleshooting. The AI can pull customer data to provide a personalized experience. AI Virtual Agents can be available 24/7 to provide help even after hours. 

AI Virtual Agents can be available 24/7 to provide help even after hours.

How LiveVox chat solutions enhance AX and CX

Our omnichannel platform is purposely designed for contact centers and integrates smoothly into other workflows in order to provide a seamless experience for both agents and customers. For example, when a customer chooses to request tech support through SMS, agents can quickly see their account information. The identification verification can be customized, allowing customers to be identified via the phone number they text in with or by having them answer security questions through chat. 

This feature immediately gives agents all the information they need in order to better communicate and provide a solution for the customer. 

From a customer’s perspective, help is quick. No time is wasted repeating their contact information or the reason for their call. Many customers who opt to chat may do so in order to avoid long queues, so having quick access to their information keeps each interaction focused on helping them solve a problem. 

Sometimes, clients do not like to be contacted through text. When an agent contacts someone who didn’t give explicit permission to reach out through text, customers may not welcome the outreach effort. As a result, the customer experience suffers. LiveVox integrates a channel preference management and compliance feature into their omnichannel platform. Should clients opt out of receiving SMS messages, agents can simply check off a box that opts customers out. 

In addition, LiveVox aims to provide a natural-sounding AI to help customers. This more humanized tone allows AI Virtual Agents to engage in realistic conversations. Instead of sounding robotic, the more natural AI responds in an intelligent manner and becomes more adept at “learning” new things with every human interaction.

Learn more about LiveVox’s omnichannel platform here, and discover more about the various ways the unified platform makes for an improved user and customer experience. 

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