September 26, 2022

What is Call Audio Routing for Your Contact Center?

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What is Call Audio Routing for Your Contact Center?

Call audio routing is one of the most important functions within the call center. With thousands of calls coming in and going out on a daily basis, ensuring that customers are connected with the right agent is crucial. If improperly set up, a call center can quickly become inundated with angry customers and confused, frustrated agents. When 82% of customers expect to have their problems solved by talking to one person, it’s easy to see why quality call routing capabilities are critical for smooth call center operations. 

What is call audio routing?

Call audio routing is the process of sending calls to another number. In a call center, call audio routing is used to send customers to the right department. Also known as ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), call audio routing can be configured to route calls agents, voicemails, and self-service IVRs. Call audio routing ensures that the customer experience is as smooth as possible. 

What is call audio routing?

How call audio routing works

Call audio routing can function in different ways. Here is a breakdown of how call routing works to help contact centers guide customers to the right area. 


Using conversational IVR to route calls is one way that call centers help customers get to the right person. IVR allows customers to use voice commands or keypad tones to let the phone system know where they need to go. For example, customers can call in to an IVR system and ask to make a payment. The IVR system can be configured to “ask” the customer if they’d like to speak with a live agent or if they’d like to make a payment using the IVR system itself. 


Thanks to advanced speech analytic tools, conversational IVR is able to help customers with a wide variety of tasks. Conversational IVR can be used not only to take customer payments, but can also help customers with common account questions, with order placements, order tracking, and more. LiveVox’s SpeechIQ uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) to accurately transcribe customer voice data. This ensures that the IVR system accurately recognizes what each customer is saying. It reduces the possibility of transferring customers to the wrong agent, which can result in frustration and result in a negative customer experience. 

Omnichannel routing

The LiveVox ACD is a powerful call audio routing tool that can not only route customers to the right agent over the phone, but can also route customers through text and chat. An example of omnichannel routing is when a customer chats in through a company chat platform and needs help with an issue that must be taken care of by a live agent. They can actually initiate a call back this way. When the chatbot recognizes the need for an agent, an option pops up that allows customers to decide if they’d like for someone to call them back.

Intelligent routing

The LiveVox ACD can also automatically route incoming calls to the agents best suited to handle them. Through historical call data, the system keeps score of agents’ abilities. When customers call in and request help for a specific problem, the ACD system can identify agents with high resolution rates. As a result, customers with complex problems are satisfied with the service they receive. 

Overflow options

Sometimes, call queues can become very time consuming. This can be because of special promotions, post-holidays, or widespread tech problems. These scenarios are already quite pressing, and adding long wait-times to speak to an agent only exacerbates any frustrations. The LiveVox ACD can actually let incoming callers know that wait times are long and offer customers the option for a callback. This simple option greatly enhances the customer experience because it lets them know that the company respects and understands their time.

The impact on the agent and customer experience

Keeping the customer and agent at top of mind is crucial for the success of any call center. When employees are kept engaged and provided the support they need, call centers reduce the risk of turnover. In addition, satisfied customers are more likely to stick with a company for the long-term. 

The impact on the agent and customer experience

Using advanced call audio routing techniques gives agents a head start by ensuring that customers are happy through the efficient processes that take place before reaching them. Customers are satisfied because of the options available to them. These options empower them to choose how they communicate with a company in a way that suits their schedules.

LiveVox call audio routing

Advanced call routing is a necessary component of a smoothly-running call center. In today’s hectic environment, customers have come to expect service that aligns with the level of technology that they use in their everyday lives. At LiveVox, top-tier technology brings call routing capabilities to the next level. From advanced speech analytics to intelligent routing, LiveVox understands call center priorities. Learn more about LiveVox ACD here and see how you can set your contact center up for success. 

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