March 17, 2021

What Frost & Sullivan Have to Say About Agent Experience

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In their latest eBook, Frost & Sullivan dive into the connection between agent and customer experience. 

Exceptional Agent Experience Drives an Exceptional Customer Experience 

Start with agent desktops & pre-configured workflows

According to Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, the bedrock of good customer experience is a thoughtfully designed agent desktop. 

An unheralded aspect of omnichannel excellence is pre-processing agent interactions at the start, setting agents up for success and the customer for delight. This entails incorporating everything you know about your customer and applying it before the interaction with the live agent begins. This could be creating a profile beforehand with a first-time customer or setting up routing and individualized workflows based on an existing customer re-engaging with a new interaction or continuing an existing one.

By getting the customer to the agent best equipped to seamlessly and quickly assist them, the table is set for both the agent and customer to have a quality experience, not to mention assisting with improving the operational metrics your contact center is measured by.

Clear, intuitive, visually appealing agent dashboards allow agents to see the entire customer journey, including history, the current issue or task, what the customer has attempted to do, and how long it took them to do it. With omnichannel engagement, dashboards visually enable agents to see activity across all channels and engage with customers across those channels without hiccups. 

Download the full eBook here.

Right time, Right information

Speed and at-a-glance-visualization are key for in-the-moment resolutions. A layered visual system that gives agents the complete picture, including who the customer is, the relationship they have with the company, interaction history, preferences, or any other pertinent information coheres into a unified profile that incorporates key customer data across channels. Frost & Sullivan say this leads to:

• Increased customer satisfaction

• Decreased average handle time

• Improved employee confidence and morale

• Reduced agent fatigue that impacts productivity

• Improved accuracy

• Compliance risk mitigation.

Don’t leave agents in the dark

Additional tools further streamline the agent’s ability to proactively assist customers. For instance, integrated ticketing that is tied to customer profiles and moves with the customer throughout their journey empowers the agent to help the customer without transferring them elsewhere. Live agent scripting solutions can ease the burden on agents by subtly changing the customer dialog as the situation dictates. And tools such as a knowledge base provide answers to help them quickly and easily answer customer inquiries. 

You can download the eBook in its entirety for more insights from Frost & Sullivan here

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