December 9, 2022

Voice of the Customer Analysis: A Guide For Contact Center Managers

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Voice of the Customer Analysis: A Guide For Contact Center Managers

Every business knows that they should always strive to have a thorough understanding with Voice of the Customer analysis. This allows their representatives to be better prepared to deliver high-quality service tailored to customer needs.

Leadership that knows what customers are thinking and can anticipate their needs gives companies an advantage. In the contact center world, having insight into customer needs can set one contact center apart from the rest. Reliable analytics software that caters to the call center can get management the information they need. A thorough analysis of customer and agent interactions not only benefits customers, but it also drives agent performance through better coaching and training. 

However, not all contact centers are equipped with the right tools to be able to adequately analyze their agent and customer interactions. Omnichannel communication has replaced the contact center’s traditional singular voice channel. This leaves many call centers with limited analytic tools that only provide incomplete data. In addition, some analytic tools lack advanced technology like AI-based features. AI-powered tools enhance the value of analytic resorts.  Contact centers that rely on incorrect or partial data may not be able to drive the best business decisions. 

AI-powered tools enhance the value of analytic resorts

5 voice of the customer analysis approaches

LiveVox’s customer analysis solutions include numerous features that help ensure call center management has the right data at their fingertips. We focus on five different approaches that highlight different aspects of the customer journey. Read on to understand how these approaches can help contact centers better meet their customers’ needs. 

Advanced interaction histories and keyword searches

LiveVox provides contact centers with troves of data from every single customer interaction. Calls are recorded and the dialogue is transcribed with our SpeechIQ feature. If management wishes to look up trending keywords, they can use Advanced Search to look for patterns in every conversation. Advanced Search functions across channels. Keywords can be identified within chat, text, email, and voice conversations. This provides call centers with a more thorough analysis of their customers’ needs. Call center management can use the data provided through Advanced Search to drive new business initiatives that make a positive impact on the customer experience. 

Automated scoring

Automated Scorecards give call center leaders a quantitative view of the quality of agent performance. Scorecards are generated for all channels of communication and can include a wide range of customizable information about each interaction. Each conversation is transcribed using advanced speech analytic software. Scorecards can be sent directly to managers. They can analyze successful interactions to find out how top agents deliver quality service. Automated Scorecards can be leveraged to uncover customer needs by identifying best agent practices. SpeechIQ uses AI technology to identify negative and positive conversations to help determine agent and customer sentiment. By determining what factors lead to satisfied customers, call center leadership can zero in on what their customers need. Alternatively, scorecards with low scores can be leveraged to determine what customers may not want. The data on the scorecards can show supervisors whether low scores are the result of agent technique or something else.

SpeechIQ uses AI technology to identify negative and positive conversations to help determine agent and customer sentiment

Call drivers and dispositioning

LiveVox provides call centers with a way to uncover call drivers for every interaction. AI analyzes each conversation to determine the reason for each call. Agents can also choose the driver of each interaction in after-call work. Categories can include codes such as billing, tech support, and more. Team leadership can use this data to identify the causes for most inbound calls. That information can uncover a need. Management can use SpeechIQ call driver reports to analyze data in an easy-to-understand format. This allows businesses to make the right decisions to improve the customer experience.  

Sentiment analysis

LiveVox’s Sentiment Analysis tool can classify and score a customer’s tone and emotions during a call. The tool uses Natural Language Processing and machine learning to identify what customers are feeling in conversations. Voice of the Customer analysis can also identify silence time and speech rate. It works across all channels of communication. Every call is marked as either positive, neutral, or negative. Capturing and analyzing the actual voice of customer data gives call centers insight into how callers feel. Contact centers can leverage the tool to determine customer opinions on new services or products.

Multichannel customer satisfaction

Post-call feedback gives call center leadership direct access to customers’ opinions. Also known as CSAT surveys, the set of questions helps companies know how satisfied their customers are. LiveVox CSAT surveys are immediately given to customers after each interaction. The survey tool can be integrated into any IVR, and results can be shared across all reporting platforms to provide a complete picture. When combined with other reporting tools like scorecards, CSAT scores can provide a thorough overview of the customer experience. 

LiveVox has over 20 years of experience developing technology geared towards the call center. You can request a demo here to see how LiveVox can set your call center up for success. 

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