December 13, 2022

Voice Dialer Features and FAQs by LiveVox

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Voice Dialer Features and FAQs by LiveVox

Dialers are responsible for the central function within the contact center. Advanced dialer software can help contact centers overcome the unique challenges they face. The LiveVox cloud-based voice dialer not only maximizes agent productivity, but also delivers a positive customer experience.

The cloud-based voice dialer also reduces call center compliance risk and can even improve lead generation results. LiveVox’s outbound voice dialer is equipped with highly advanced technology geared towards the needs of the call center. 

Outbound voice dialer

The Four Clouds Solution from LiveVox offers four different dialing options that align closely with call center team goals. As most people have gravitated away from landlines, the regulations that come with calling customers on their cell phones have had a major impact on the way call centers operate. Violating federal regulations that apply to calling cell phones is a risk that call centers must figure out how to avoid. The Four Clouds increase call center efficiency by empowering agents with the tools they need to deliver great customer service. LiveVox stays up to date with ever-changing federal regulations, reducing the risk without sacrificing agent productivity. 

The Four Clouds Solution from LiveVox offers four different dialing options that align closely with call center team goals

Thanks to the advanced technology offered by LiveVox’s Four Clouds outbound dialing solution, risk is mitigated. In fact, the Flour Clouds Solution is the only TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) approved dialing solution that boasts a 10-0 court ruling record. 

Outbound features

LiveVox’s outbound solutions consist of HCI (Human Call Initiator), Manual and 10 DMT (10 Digit Manual with Transfer), Preview-All, and Automated. Below you’ll find a description about each feature.

Human Call Initiator®

Compliance concerns arise when agents lack cell phone number consent. However, HCI allows agents to perform outbound activities without worry. The LiveVox HCI feature works by using a “clicker agent” to launch each call. Since a human is required to initiate every call, the outreach effort adheres to TCPA regulations, helping call centers mitigate risk. TCPA prohibits automatic telephone dialing systems from contacting cell phones. HCI fills in that gap for contact centers without sacrificing productivity. 

Manual and 10 DMT

The Manual Dialer allows agents the most freedom, and is usually implemented when there’s no need for a large volume of back-to-back calling. Agents dial out only as they need to. This method works best for outreach efforts that involve strategic planning before making contact. It also allows agents to transfer calls if needed. Manual works best for agents working in an account-ownership based system.


Preview-All is best for outbound calls that require a thorough review of each customer’s account history. For example, when the Preview-All dialer setting is on, agents will see a number pop up on screen. They can access the customer’s account and confirm whether or not that particular customer should be contacted. If not, the agent can skip the call. If they determine that the customer needs to be reached, they can launch the call instead.

Preview-All is best for outbound calls that require a thorough review of each customer’s account history.


LiveVox Automated Dialing gives agents numerous options to reach out to customers. Calls are launched back-to-back. Automated Dialing helps improve agent productivity and efficiency by eliminating the need for agents to manually dial out and find numbers to call. It helps contact center teams to reach more people in a shorter span of time and reduces the time they spend idling.

LiveVox Voice dialer FAQ

What sets LiveVox apart from other call center dialer platforms?

With over 20 years of experience in the cloud contact center industry, LiveVox is well acquainted with the challenges that contact centers commonly face. Their commitment to keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations affecting the contact center combined with their ability to develop unique solutions makes the LiveVox platform the top choice for call centers.

How can LiveVox help improve an agent’s lead generation efforts?

By using TCPA risk mitigation dialers like Preview-All, agents can quickly reach out to a large number of customers in shorter time frames. The LiveVox platform can create lead lists using custom filters. Agents can customize their lead list preferences by virtually any category. The dialer can call numbers off of this list, resulting in more conversations of high-value clients.

What other compliance controls does the LiveVox platform offer?

Risk mitigation can be difficult to navigate in a call center. Fortunately, LiveVox’s voice dialer resides on a platform that provides users with various control settings. A few include time zone settings, Do Not Call (DNC), Maximum Dial Attempt Settings, Zip-Area Mismatch, Cell Phone Scrubs, and PCI-DSS 3rd Party Payment Lines. These controls combined with LiveVox’s TCPA-approved dialer software helps contact centers avoid finding themselves in compliance-related complications.

How do LiveVox Voice solutions empower agents to provide a better customer experience?

LiveVox empowers agents by providing them with the right tools to effectively do their job. For example, LiveVox helps prevent agents from accidentally or unknowingly making high-risk calls, which can negatively impact the customer experience. It also drives more efficient coaching as it allows call center management to identify the areas that agents may be struggling with. LiveVox provides them access to call recordings and customer sentiment scores, which can pinpoint areas that agents may need improvement in.

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About LiveVox

LiveVox (Nasdaq: LVOX) is a next generation contact center platform that powers more than 14 billion omnichannel interactions a year. By seamlessly unifying blended omnichannel communications, CRM, AI, and WEM capabilities, the Company’s technology delivers exceptional agent and customer experiences, while helping to mitigate compliance risk. With more than 20 years of cloud experience and expertise, LiveVox’s CCaaS 2.0 platform is at the forefront of cloud contact center innovation. The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, with international offices in Medellin, Colombia and Bangalore, India.

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