December 8, 2022

Use Speech Analytics To Shape Your Contact Center’s AI Strategy

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Use Speech Analytics To Shape Your Contact Center's AI Strategy

Providing speech analytics helps make a positive impact on customers’ views towards a company. Average service may not be enough to keep customers from switching over to competitors. A smooth customer journey is a key factor of continuous loyalty.

AI, or artificial intelligence, helps companies use advanced technology to improve their operations. AI can be leveraged in numerous ways to enhance the customer experience. In a contact center, AI strategies may influence several components of its workflows.

The benefits of advanced voice analytics

Voice analytics is a powerful AI tool that enhances call center efficiency. It can streamline call center operations to boost agent performance and create positive customer interactions. LiveVox’s advanced SpeechIQ is an AI-driven speech analytics software that can help improve the quality of every inbound and outbound call. 

For instance, SpeechIQ can increase the efficiency of IVR (interactive voice response) and routing systems, enhance customer sentiment analytics, and improve agent performance tools. Below you’ll find different ways that advanced speech analytics can impact call center operations and allow agents to deliver an improved customer experience.  

Better IVR capabilities

A reliable IVR system can determine a customer’s overall sentiment about a company. Far too often low-quality IVR setups result in a negative impression. The experience can quickly go downhill if a customer finds themselves having to repeat their request into the phone. As a result, agents can find themselves as the recipient of misdirected frustration. Speech analytics like SpeechIQ can prevent customers from having to deal with an unreliable IVR system.

LiveVox’s SpeechIQ leverages three types of AI technology. One is NLP, or Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing can help a system understand customers’ and agents’ words and assign meaning to them. ML, or Machine Learning, allows AI tools to learn from every interaction. Machine Learning can intake new information and build upon it. This helps increase the quality of every customer interaction. 

Automatic speech recognition ensures that an IVR can tell when a person is talking. Together, these tools allow SpeechIQ to better understand and analyze customers’ conversations.The smooth interaction provides customers with a positive experience as the IVR picks up phrases and keywords with ease. 

Suss out true customer intent

Advanced voice analytics makes it easy for call centers to learn more in depth about their customers’ sentiment. LiveVox speech analytics provides call quality monitoring features that picks up on key phrases or words from both the customer and agent. The accuracy that SpeechIQ provides makes it easy to find any call using specific keywords.

Trending keywords can help point businesses in the right direction. For example, advanced voice analytics can transcribe phrases or keywords associated with a new offering. With LiveVox’s Advanced Search, call center management can find those recorded calls using keywords related to the new offering.

By using LiveVox’s Advanced Search, management can filter through phone calls to find reasons why customers may be repeatedly calling in. They can also learn how customers feel about new products or services. Advanced Search can also be a great resource for finding new initiatives stemming from customer conversations. It can reveal different call center drivers that could possibly be handled through a self-service option, helping reduce overall call volume. Understanding those drivers allows call centers to develop more efficient workflows.

When businesses have a better idea of what their customers need, they are able to provide a frictionless experience. LiveVox’s ability to identify both positive and negative sentiment in every customer interaction is a significant advantage. The overall sentiment revealed with SpeechIQ can provide insightful information call centers can use to build upon and provide better customer satisfaction.

Improve agent training

SpeechIQ can also help call centers by automating its call scoring processes. With LiveVox’s Automated Scorecards, management can receive various automatic reports that rank calls according to customized metrics. Supervisors can provide effective coaching using Automated Scorecards. Each score report zeroes in on the areas that an agent may need to improve. Scorecards can also show which call drivers take up the most time for agents and help team supervisors determine whether more training is needed for one particular topic.

SpeechIQ can also help call centers by automating its call scoring processes

Scorecards can display both customer and agent sentiment scores. Agents who consistently display high scores can also provide insight into best practices. Team leads can train new agents and provide detailed insight into top agents’ workflows. Agents who may be struggling can also benefit from extra training derived from their high-scoring colleagues. Advanced speech analytics that help automatically score agent interactions are a valuable resource for team leaders. They can improve their training and coaching methods. Supervisors can save time and focus on issues that matter the most.

LiveVox can help shape your contact center’s AI strategy to help give customers a positive interaction. Consider implementing the LiveVox omnichannel call center platform and leverage SpeechIQ to stay ahead of your competition. You can learn more about LiveVox by requesting a demo here.

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