December 6, 2022

Use SMS for Business to Serve, Send, & Grow Customer Engagement!

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SMS vs. push notifications. Serve, Send, Success! Grow Customer Engagement Using SMS For Business

One of the most successful ways to engage your customers is through the use of SMS marketing. With a 98% open rate, it’s no wonder why so many businesses opt to use SMS as a way to reach out to audiences. In the call center environment, getting your customers’ attention can be challenging, especially when most people are constantly on the go. It’s easy for customers to delete an email or ignore a phone call, so in order to effectively capture their attention, using SMS helps increase the chances of getting them to respond because it can take someone only a couple of seconds to respond. 

Email marketing is often designed to drive recipients to complete a certain action. Landing pages are created to absorb the incoming traffic from those outreach efforts and help marketers appropriately track progress. Call centers often conduct outbound campaigns in an attempt to grow a company’s customer base. 

Although many call center agents rely on email and voice to reach out to their customers, their efforts are hindered when their calls are either sent to voicemail or their emails sent straight to the junk folder. This can be particularly cumbersome when agents want to let customers know about new products, services, or promotions that can bring significant value to the user. Many call center solutions include integrated email and voice capabilities that don’t disrupt agent workflows. LiveVox’s omnichannel call center software streamlines all workflows by integrating SMS messaging into its platform. By implementing SMS into your agents’ customer service tools, you can increase engagement and deliver a better customer experience. 

In order to get started using SMS for business, it’s important to know best text marketing and communication practices. Below you’ll find four tips to help your agents increase customer engagement. 

Develop a list of opted-in subscribers

Using SMS to reach out to customers requires consent. Breaking TCPA regulations can result in costly fines. Focus on creating a list of those who have agreed to receive communication from you via text. There are several ways you can capture customers’ consent. One way is by having agents ask them while they have them on the phone. When a customer calls in, agents can ask them if they give your company permission to contact them about certain topics through text. Once they mark the answer in the customer’s account, they are all set. 

nother way you can obtain a list of SMS subscribers is by adding a sign-up form on the company website that expressly asks for permission to send text messages to their phone number. You can collect those who opt-in and create a list for future SMS outreach efforts.

Using a call center solution that integrates all workflows makes updating contact preferences simple. Another way you can obtain a list of SMS subscribers is by adding a sign-up form on the company website that expressly asks for permission to send text messages to their phone number. You can collect those who opt-in and create a list for future SMS outreach efforts. By ensuring that the customers you reach out to via SMS already approved communication, your call center can mitigate risk and prevent a negative impact on the customer experience. 

Personalize every SMS interaction

Sending more personalized SMS messages can help increase engagement. For example, if a customer receives a generic message, they could confuse it for spam or even report it as junk. Including their name in the messages helps the interaction become more personal and increases the chances of engagement. In a call center, agents who utilize the LiveVox CRM can generate SMS messages straight from the platform to include customers’ name and if necessary, other information. 

Agents can also use a bulk SMS tool that’s integrated into the LiveVox platform that is capable of sending out several personalized SMS messages at once. Data is pulled from the LiveVox CRM, and the bulk SMS tool can use that information and insert it into various dynamic fields. Each customer then receives a personalized message, saving agents a significant amount of time in their outreach efforts.

Leverage AI-Powered SMS

AI bots are pre-programmed software applications that can engage in a conversation through text or chat, call centers can take advantage of using AI-powered SMS messaging to grow customer engagement by giving live agents access to high-quality conversations. For example, if a customer sends a company a text message, a bot could help complete the verification process and find out what kind of assistance the customer may need. 

The bot can then route the customer to a live agent if needed so that the interaction can continue via SMS. This helps enhance the customer journey by allowing them to communicate through the channel of their choice and by routing them to the correct agent. AI-powered SMS messaging also allows customers to perform various self-service tasks. Instead of having to wait on hold for a live agent, customers can obtain basic account information, make payments, or update their contact information by texting an AI bot.

Text messaging is a great way to connect with customers for promotional purposes too. AI-powered SMS messaging also allows customers to perform various self-service tasks.

Use SMS messaging for updates and promotions

Engage your customer base by sending SMS messages that include coupons codes, discounts, or updates about upcoming sales and promotions. This can help encourage customers to reach out to agents and inquire about the messages they received. Agents can focus on high-value conversations that come from inbound calls from customers who are already interested in what they have to say. By giving customers access to deals that they’d benefit from, call centers can establish a positive relationship. Providing customers with a good experience incentivizes them to stay with  that company. 
Agents should follow these four tips to build rapport with customers and reflect a positive light on a company’s values. Consider the benefits that LiveVox call center solutions offer, which include several SMS tools to communicate with customers as well as its omnichannel platform. Learn more about LiveVox by requesting a demo here.

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