May 17, 2021

Understanding Customer Intent for CX Transformation

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Understanding Customer Intent for CX Transformation

Customer Identity and intent are two interwoven concepts when it comes to your customers. Both can be used to understand them better. But, one gives you deep insight while the other is more of a surface-level characteristic. 

Identity demographics paint your customer with a broad stroke. You get a general idea of who they are: Americans, mothers, millennials, or rural. When you look at intent you gain an understanding of what drives your customers to connect with you. 

Customer intent is a driving force for transforming your customers’ experience from just good into something memorable. You can analyze each conversation to drill down to what motivates each call.

Customer intent reveals what’s needed from a journey optimization standpoint as well as pain points. Contact center operators can use this knowledge to help: 

  • Reduce average handle time 
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase agent efficiency

Measuring Customer Intent in the Contact Center

Identify and categorize

Understanding customer intent means answering the question: what motivated this person to act in a certain way at a specific moment? Cues that indicate intent include:

  • Previous behavior
  • Tone of voice
  • Conversation content 

Tuning into your customers’ conversations is the most direct line to plug into what drives them to contact you. Tools like call driver reports that leverage speech analysis help you accurately identify and categorize your customer’s intent. 

Monitor calls

Call monitoring is a tool that contact centers have employed for just about as long as customer service has been around. 

Traditionally, after a call is completed agents might use a drop-down menu to classify and record their customers’ intent. But, how accurate is this data? 

Not very. The collection method relies on your agents’ very human judgments about why your customers contacted you.

Speech analytics can identify and categorize custom intent and disposition. Compared to 40% accuracy reporting from agents, call monitoring that leverages AI is about 90% accurate

Evaluate channel engagement

Discovering intent requires you to identify moments that drive your customers to engage with your organization. Being active across channels gives you a larger window from which to pick out these moments. You can develop a proactive strategy that shows your commitment to your customers. 

Make sure you are gathering data from all the channels on which your customer engage you such as: 

  • Social media
  • IVR
  • Voice calls
  • SMS

Improve average handle time

When you improve average handle time you improve the overall customer experience. Leverage information about customers’ intent to decrease the total amount of time your agents spend on tickets. 

When you understand your customer’s intent the reason they are calling is crystal clear. Your agents can start working to resolve their queries from the very start. The odds that your customer will have to call again regarding the same problem decrease dramatically. 

Increase customer retention and boost agent efficiency

Leverage data about customer intent to target problems before they become unmanageable. You will retain more customers if you catch a pain point and fix it quickly.

An efficient call center can effectively serve high volumes of customers in the shortest amount of time. But your agents can handle so many conversations at one time and high call volumes decrease efficiency. 

One way to improve efficiency is to lighten your agent’s task load. Routine processes like checking account status, making payments, or putting requests for services can all be automated. This frees up your agents to carry out more personal and elaborate tasks. 

Take a look at your top call drivers. How many of them can be automated?

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