March 18, 2020

The Power of Using an Automated Dialing Platform

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How An Automated Cloud Can Work For Your Business

The Key Benefits of Using an Automated Dialing Platform

Today, we’re focusing our attention on the Automated Cloud, and the value it can deliver to your company. The Automated Cloud is a type of platform that uses the power of automation to enable you to bypass busy and unanswered calls, maximize the number of live connections, minimize agent idle time, and so much more.

With an automated system, calls are attempted using connected and configurable risk reduction features, including Right Party Connect (how well you connect with the “right” customer), Quick Connect (immediately connect live answers with available agents), and Message Only (voice message provided when a customer dials an inbound number).

Because it is based in the cloud, this type of dialing system should be able to individually scale, on-demand, to address business fluctuations. Also, the following Automated Cloud features are specifically designed to maximize your operational efficiency, while being mindful of operational expense requirements and compliance risks.

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Certain types of IVR features should be available on an Automated Cloud platform, giving you options that fit the needs of your business.

  • Outbound IVR

Here, the automated outbound service is configured to place the called party into an IVR, triggered by live answer detection, which is the trigger when a customer indicates they’re ready to be served. Often, this strategy is employed to ensure a right party contact (RPC) before any attempt to route the call to an agent.

  • Inbound IVR

Configured to place the caller into a front end or full self-service IVR to gather information before routing the caller to an agent. This way, agents can hit the ground running upon connection with customer-rich screen pops, facilitating an excellent customer and agent experience.

  • Self-Service IVR

Applicable to either an outbound or inbound IVR, these applications enable the called party to self-serve account management requests, including payment options, among other customer service features. It’s a valuable choice when you’re looking for a turnkey platform to implement.

2. Quick Connect (QC) Service

Another feature of an Automated Cloud service, here you can immediately connect live answers with an available agent for maximum operational efficiency, while also deploying industry-leading answering machine detection. So you can ensure your agents get connected with your customers—eliminating agent idle time while maximizing productivity.

3. Unattended Service

If a hands-off and hands-free experience is what you’re looking for, an Automated Cloud outbound unattended service can provide a range of applications from a simple message to a fully self-service IVR. Regardless of the responses provided, the called party cannot be bridged with an available agent.

4. Pacing Methods

Do you want the ability to control your line usage (the ratio of lines to agents)? An Automated Cloud allows you to set pacing methods based on your business requirements.

  • Abandon Rate

This method sets the line usage based on a calculation of abandon threshold and agent availability. The system continually determines the optimal line usage to achieve the targeted abandon rate. Use this approach when you expect most of your calls to be answered by a live person.

  • #/Agent (Lines Per Agent)

This method sets the line usage based on the number of lines dialed for each agent in the Ready status. This is the recommended pacing method for outbound services, especially when there are 10 or fewer available agents, because you can minimize agent downtime while maximizing the number of live connections.

  • Max CIP

This method sets a fixed number of concurrent lines to be dialed. Here, for example, if the calls in progress throttle is set to 100, then 100 calls will be launched. Use this approach when running unattended campaigns that don’t require agent involvement.

There you have it. These are the top ways an Automated Cloud can boost your business. Interactive Voice Response that fits your company’s needs. A Quick Connect Service for high efficiency, accurate customer connectivity, and answer rates. Unattended service for hands-off productivity. And finally, Pacing Methods that give you options for controlling your line usage.

You’ve seen how an automated system can deliver a robust feature set to amplify your dialing.

Now, how can an Automated Cloud make the most impact on your business?

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