“Zip Area and Zip Code discrepancies are a very common occurrence that became an unexpectedly complex challenge as our businesses needed to revert to a PBX system for manual dialing. Zip Area mismatch from LiveVox not only solves for this challenge, but was developed in the span of one update cycle – a prime example of LiveVox’s innovation model” – Dir. Of Operations


Risk Mitigation


Like many other contact centers, concerns over TCPA violations prompted one of the largest debt buyers to shift to manual dialing for cell phone outreach. For many, this means a traditional PBX. However, moving dialing technology to a system made primarily for back-office activity has left many operations without critical controls necessary to address CFPB compliance.

The CFPB enforces various consumer protection statutes and prescribes certain practices.  Running afoul of the CFPB is costly.  For example, the CFPB fined Discover Card $18.5 million in 2015 for, among other violations, problems with its time zone settings.

Contact centers on a standard PBX may attempt to manage time zone settings by first segmenting a campaign list based on the consumer’s known zip code and then set corresponding dial limits based on each list segment.

But what if some consumers on that list have moved to different time zones but maintained their original cell phone number? How easy is it for an agent to determine if it is okay to dial?

The reality is that it is not easy at all. The agent would have to:

  1. First look up each consumer zip code number, then
  2. Calculate the difference in time zones between the area code and zip code and then
  3. Check if the consumer is still in a permissible time zone.

This process would dramatically slow down a campaign and increase the chances of human error.


The debt buyer worked with LiveVox to create a solution. Because of LiveVox’s rapid cloud innovation model, LiveVox’s product team was able to develop and launch an active solution for the debt buyer and all of LiveVox’s client base.

LiveVox’s Zip Area Mismatch addresses this challenge by automatically cross checking the phone’s area code with the consumer’s zip code on file and then calculate whether or not it is appropriate for the call to be launched. With LiveVox’s Zip Area Mismatch for Manual calls, contact centers are able to:

  • Automatically cross check the phone’s area code with the consumer’s zip code on file
  • If the zip code is on file, it will automatically scrub against the area code to determine if the consumer is within the time zone setting
  • If the zip code is not on file, the agent is prompted to enter a zip code. Without a zip code, the call will not launch
  • If there is a zip/area mismatch that is outside the configured time zone setting, the call will either not launch or will be moved to the Safe Time Zone bucket.

About This Solution

This client solution leverages the LiveVox Four Clouds with Blended Inbound for consumer contacts across multiple geographically dispersed contact centers.

“Having the zip area mismatch feature provides us with a greater level of comfort in managing our consumer touchpoints. Without it we’d be dialing blind.”

-Call Center, Dir. Of Operations


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