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Leaders of one of the top 5 U.S. telecom service providers needed to find a way to increase efficiencies in a tightening economic environment while maintaining high performance levels. The service provider had multiple contact centers across the U.S. whose existing topology included a network of legacy-based switches, combined with numerous contact center applications supporting hundreds of agents. Their operations included customer service calls, finance/collections contacts, and promotional campaigns.


Optimize Agent Resources Through Self Service and Blended Agent Pools

Working with LiveVox, the company developed a multi-pronged strategy to achieve more with less:

Improved Right Party Contacts (RPCs) with Unrestricted Lines per Agent

With LiveVox’s cloud approach, the telecom provider was able free their pacing strategies from the limited lines-per-agent that is typical of legacy infrastructure (e.g. 7 lines per agent). By providing unlimited lines per agent, the telecom provider was able to improve their RPC rates per campaign without increasing agent resources.

For the consumers who were not able to connect with an agent during an initial outreach campaign, LiveVox helped the telecom provider make the most of the resulting inbound calls with advanced self-service and routing capabilitie, described below.

Ensure Consumers Reach the Most Qualified Agent with Advanced Routing

To help maximize the opportunity to minimize resource demands, LiveVox equips contact centers with integrated tools to help drive call qualifications prior to reaching an agent resource.

Through LiveVox’s easily programmable HTTP- IVR Module, the telecom provider was able to present their inbound consumers with a front-end IVR that facilitates a real-time account-level check against an outside database/CRM. The result of the account level check can automatically trigger a self-service function (e.g. Pay Bill, Check Account Status, etc.) or ensure proper routing (e.g. Insurance Specialist)

In doing so, the telecom provider was able to offload a significant portion of demand on agent resources, reserving only the more complex service calls for agents.

Optimize Existing Agent Resource Pools with a Blended Environment

To help ensure the most efficient agents and consumer satisfaction, the telecom provider was able to configure their existing agents to handle both outbound and inbound calls simultaneously, and regardless of agent location. This enabled the telecom provider to maximize agent talk and create the most effective routing strategies which also improved consumer experience and minimized call handle times.

In addition, LiveVox’s ACD helps ensure agents are always available to answer calls, LiveVox’s cloud based ACD enables on-demand pacing controls can help balance call activity with resource availability.


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