“With LiveVox, we were able to increase efficiency and effectiveness —and improve the patient experience as measured by improved Net Promoter Score (NPS) for our client hospitals.”

Results at a glance

Increase in First Call Resolution
Increase in payments per call
Improved Net Promoter Scores (NPS)


Headquartered in Chicago, Adreima provides integrated revenue cycle services to 600 hospitals nationwide. Adreima operates regional hubs across the U.S. with 1,100 team members including approximately 200 specialized nurses and physicians embedded at client sites.

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) added millions of Americans to the insurance rolls, Adreima’s hospital clients experienced a dramatic increase in patient load—and a corresponding increase in Days Revenue Outstanding (DROs). They came to LiveVox for help with:

  • A faster, simpler way to address enrollment issues.
  • A way to resolve queries without having to increase staffing.
  • A way to manage and improve the patient experience in spite of the increased call volume.


LiveVox first helped Adreima to better manage and improve the patient experience with 24/7 automated self-service via the LiveVox Cloud Contact Center Solution IVR capability. We worked with the Adreima team to develop a self-service automation strategy that significantly reduced the number of calls requiring agent assistance. We also implemented skills-based routing features, which also improved efficiency.

Because LiveVox’s cloud based solutions utilize a centralized data repository for call activity data, we were able to provide Adreima with access to integrated performance reporting across all their operations centers.

With deeper insights into call resolution rates, payments collected per call and agent performance—across the entire system—Adreima is now able to find higher value segments and prioritize outbound calling to target them.

About This Solution

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“The sheer increase in patient calling volume meant that our workload became more complex and more critical in the revenue cycle. With LiveVox, we developed new strategies to offload queries to self-service and better utilize our expert agents. LiveVox really partnered with us in this transformation.”

-Tami Knobbe Senior VP, Patient Responsibility Services


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