“The LiveVox BI Tool is something I used to dream about. It provides me with a unique competitive advantage by enabling faster access to my data for intelligent business decisions.” – Mike Brunken, NetTel USA Vice President of Operations.

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NetTel, a New York based customer service contact center with 200+ agents, was seeking a contact center technology that can not only help drive better KPIs, but also provide the insight needed to answer questions like:

  • How can we drive better ROI with the over 200,000 outreach calls we make every day and not impact our current agent resourcing?
  • How can we better use data to outperform our competitors? Improve our time of day strategies? Better coach our agents?
  • How can we spend less time gathering data, more time analyzing it and more time implementing what we learn?

Like many contact centers, operations and analysts are dependent on spreadsheets as the primary tool to calculate individual performance metrics and focus on key areas for performance improvement. Using multiple spreadsheets is quite time-consuming. Analysts extracted and re-constructed daily data into a master aggregate worksheet and then created pivot tables for specific attributes. Also, the manual steps and complicated spreadsheet manipulations could introduce errors into reports. The effort required to create reports also limited the number of ways that analysts could look at the data.


LiveVox’s cloud Business Intelligence (BI) solution provides contact centers with a significantly simpler and faster path to insight through performance analytics, eliminating the need for manual-intensive spreadsheet based reporting.

“The LiveVox BI Tool is something I used to dream about,” Mike says. “We’ve been using it daily to fine-tune what we do, adjust our dialing strategy by account, by contact number, by time of day—and we’re able to identify areas in which we need better agent coaching.”

Key capabilities of LiveVox’s BI solution include:

  • Leverages the rich LiveVox data set with campaign, center and agent performance
  • Advanced data visualization guides users to assess root causes, correlations and solutions in minutes
  • Create ad hoc reports, metrics on demand
  • Dynamically drag-drop, drill-down into data instantly and easily
  • E-mail sharing of reports to better communicate performance opportunities


Using LiveVox’s BI solution in conjunction with the Inbound and Outbound Services enabled NetTel to increase their right party contact rates and improve their “saves”—getting accounts back into good standing—without significant agent resourcing change.

Now Mike’s team can make smarter, faster decisions which has resulted in NetTel’s more competitive, efficient, and profitable operation. “It would have been incredibly challenging,” Mike says of their analytics capability before LiveVox. “It would take so much to just get a small view and we didn’t have the man power to make that happen consistently. Now that report is there every morning for me. It’s a big, big time saver, gives us visibility into areas we just didn’t have before and gives us a distinct competitive advantage.”

“LiveVox BI Tool is a big, big time saver and gives us visibility into areas we just didn’t have before.”

– Mike Brunken, NetTel USA Vice President of Operations


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