“The LiveVox Business Intelligence solution is key for us. We now have the ability to see the very next day how successful we have been for our clients. It’s made a significant impact on our retention and growth.” – Kyle Nelson, Head of Business Transformation, TSI Co.

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TSI (Transworld Systems Collection Agency) is a leading supplier of specialized business process outsourcing (BPO) with over 14,000 agents that support multiple vertical markets comprised of banks, energy and utility companies, health care providers, universities, and government organizations. TSI provides services across the entire customer lifecycle including, customer acquisition, full loan servicing, delinquency management, and collections.

Like many contact centers, TSI was dependent on manual intensive excel sheet reporting that required analysts to collect data from each disparate hardware contact center applications, then standardize the large data sets, and finally compile the reports into the desired format – all manually.

Kyle Nelson, Head of Business Transformation, TSI, came to LiveVox for help with getting better visibility into his contact center operation—and a better process for getting to it. “We had analysts pulling together reports, but we’d only get them together after 4 or 5 days,” Kyle remembers. This delay in data prohibited TSI’s ability to make timely adjustments to their consumer contact campaigns, handicapping their true performance potential.


Once TSI implemented LiveVox’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions across all their sites, “Time to access information went from days to minutes,” Kyle says. “Using the LiveVox BI tool, we’re able to analyze our information much more quickly and accurately because we didn’t have to worry about creating spreadsheet reports where a buried formula that might generate an error.”

LiveVox’s cloud technology eliminates historic data silos and gathers all call center activity data into a central repository. From this, LiveVox’s Business Intelligence Solution provides immediate access to all contact center data– shrinking reporting times from days to minutes for all aspects of the business – enterprise wide, to campaign, per agent, and per campaign activity. Analysts and operation leaders are no longer required to spend hours compiling data. Creating customized reports is radically simplified with the ability to drill up, down, and across all data on-demand. In addition, visualization transforms static data sets into intuitive graphs that help contact center managers quickly identify trends, root causes analysis, performance drivers and laggers to make faster, smarter decisions every day. Key benefits of LiveVox’s BI Solution include:

  • Self-service analytics: Put the power of analytics in the hands of actual decision makers with minimal IT involvement
  • Pre-built and customized dashboard and reports to cater to unique user-based reporting requirements
  • Intuitive and Interactive Interface: Easily drill down and create new views using a different metric (ex. month-to-date and year-to-date comparison models, agency vs. individual performance)
  • Multi-dimensional metric view uncovers new statistics
  • Metrics editor and advanced statistical analysis
  • Sharing and collaboration: Easily share reports and dashboard with clients and different teams

Using Business Intelligence to Drive Agent Performance:

One way TSI leverages performance analytics is agent performance improvement. TSI’s contact center managers leverage an interactive 90-day trend report of individual agent performance to empower contact center agents to self-identify areas of improvement. With LiveVox’s BI Tool, the culture and approach to agent training has changed significantly by enabling agents to leverage data to discover their own path to improvement. On this new approach, Kyle says, “We show our agents insights around their performance, and let them self-correct. It makes coaching much easier for our supervisors.”

On the impact of the BI Tool overall, Kyle says. “The BI tool is key for us. I can’t tell you the number of hours it’s saved me since we’ve implemented it,” Kyle says. “We now have the ability to see the very next day how much money we made for our clients. It’s made a significant impact on our retention and growth.”

About the Solution

Transworld Systems, aka TSI, is a contact center operation of approximately 1,400 agents spread across 19 locations in the U.S. and the Philippines primarily focused on consumer, education and B2B debt collection. They utilize the LiveVox Four Clouds Systems and Performance Analytics, power by Business Intelligence.

“Because we now have the LiveVox BI Tool to view real-time performance, it’s a big boon for providing crucial business information when our clients ask for it.”

– Kyle Nelson, Head of Business Transformation, TSICo.


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