“A customer’s time is one of the most important things we consider. Spending time to repeat information or answer questions about their own account can create unneeded frustration for the customer. LiveVox has helped solve for this by making it easy to create custom screen pops that eliminate those steps.” – Ben Pou, Director, W.S. Badcock Corporation 
Agent Handle Time
Agent Empowerment
Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge

A disconnected customer experience remains a top complaint across the industry. To help alleviate this, Badcock needed to empower their agents with key customer profile information upon connection. Like many others, Badcock struggled to access key customer data that was siloed across multiple applications without heavy IT integrations /investments.

The Solution

LiveVox’s Unified Customer Database, Contact Manager (CM), enabled Badcock to easily centralize key customer attributes and interactions across all channels and applications in one location, eliminating previous data siloes. This empowered contact center managers to access and apply relevant data fields to their engagement strategies and easily implement advanced screen pops with key customer data attributes on the fly.
As a result, Badcock’s agents now have key information about the incoming customer upon connection with agent screen pops that boast a 95% account look up success. This has helped improve the customer experience and reduced agent talk offs ~15-20% in the first 2 weeks of implementation.

About the Solution

Established in 1904, W.S. Badcock Corporation is one of the largest privately held furniture retailers in the country, with total sales approaching $1 Billion per year.

The results made a difference not only in the customer experience but also the experience for our agents. In the first few weeks alone, we’ve seen a 15-20% decrease in average handle times and expect to see more” – Ben Pou, Director, W.S. Badcock Corporation