“The first 3-4 days after implementing LiveVox we were setting records—we boosted our outbound call volume significantly and tripled productivity.” – VP of Customer Contact Operations


Resource Optimization
Risk Mitigation

The Challenge:

A large multi-site teleservices contact center operation dependent on hardware technology came to LiveVox wondering, “How can we consolidate our call operations, scale, get more efficient and mitigate compliance risk all at the same time?”

The contact center was seeking to leverage LiveVox’s cloud solutions to remain competitive in a highly regulated and cost-conscience environment. Specifically, they wanted to:

Improve Performance

  • Be nimble enough to deploy custom contact campaigns on-demand, but weren’t able to scale campaigns quickly.
  • Leverage remote, geographically distributed agents to expand rapidly but not extend access to their contact center system
  • Access real-time insight into agent-level performance, customer interaction data and consumer preference analytics, but had were handicapped by disparate reporting per application

Mitigate Risk

  • Increase efficiency and quality, but minimize their risk exposure with key regulations, including the TCPA
  • Expand their reach to cell phones, but were unsure of compliance implications or how to manage them
  • Apply business rules and functionality across multiple sites, but didn’t have the technology to do

Minimize the Cost of Leveraging and Managing Technology


LiveVox’s cloud based contact center solutions helped provide the teleservices contact center operation a simplified and cost-effective path to optimize their existing resources, mitigate compliance risk, and minimize costs by helping the contact center migrate from the hardware dependent technology.

Within a few weeks, the migration was completed and the contact center was able to:

Improve performance with a centralized operation with on-demand scale:

  • Consolidate multiple call center operations.
  • Enable remote agent access to scale their services.
  • Centralize reporting and improve managerial control.
  • Standardize scripting, dashboards and data flow across the entire organization.

…all of which showed up in the bottom line. With the LiveVox solution, our teleservices contact center was able to:

  • Decrease repeat calls
  • Increase completed calls
  • Grow completed payments

Improve outreach programs for cell phone accounts while mitigating risk with TCPA-focused Four Clouds:

The teleservices contact center was able to more effectively manage their outreach programs for cell-phone based accounts through LiveVox’s TCPA-focused Four Clouds. With LiveVox, the contact center is now able to implement a cell phone scrub and allocate those accounts to one of the four autonomous dialing systems on-demand based on their specific business requirement.

Avoid CapEx investments; Eliminate maintenance and upgrade expenses

By migrating from hardware to LiveVox’s cloud-based solutions, the contact center was able to avoid the inherently high and restrictive cost model of a hardware-dependent technology environment. In doing so, the contact center is now able to drive their competitive advantage under a more cost-effective model.

About the Solution

This client solution leverages the LiveVox Four Clouds system for customer outreach across multiple geographically dispersed contact centers.

“We are running 100% on the Four Clouds systems right now to manage our outreach risk, as we have a mix of phone number types. We’re only doing 130k minutes, but these systems have helped to drive up our contact rates.”

– VP of Customer Contact Operations