“With LiveVox we decreased repeat callers by 44%, increased completed calls in IVR self service to 48%, improved completed payments by 30% and increased number of accounts handled by 23%.” — Head of Customer Experience, Healthcare Contact Services

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The Challenge:

A Fortune 500 healthcare services company with more than twenty years of experience providing revenue cycle management operations to top healthcare providers came to LiveVox with a set of challenges including:

  • The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) dramatically increased the number of patients served and the complexity of their claims.
  • They wanted to consolidated reporting in order to gain better insight company-wide, but their operations were sprawling collection of thousands of agents spread out across dozens of sites handling millions of patients and tens of millions of claims each year.
  • They were chained to a legacy of disparate technologies, unable to benefit from consolidation, unable to produce organization-wide reporting, and lacked the ability to measure basic things like agent efficiency.
  • They relied on traditional PBX systems in each location, forcing resources into silos and straining their ability to handle large call volumes while effectively using IVR self-service.
  • They wanted an IVR self-service application for queries and transactions —and had deployed several—but were only able to achieve low levels of self-service.

They needed a faster, simpler way to secure customer payments and resolve queries without having to increase staffing. Importantly, our healthcare service client wanted to gain all of the above efficiencies and improve on the customer experience at the same time. They wanted business intelligence and analytics that would help them to refine call flows, IVR scripts and self-service strategies.

“Delivering exceptional customer experiences with IVR functionality so critical,” says the Head of Customer Experience. “IVR is the first experience the patient may have. We only have one chance get it right.”

The Solution:

Once our healthcare services client integrated their operations by replacing their legacy PBX systems with a LiveVox Cloud Contact Center Solutions, they gained comprehensive control and visibility across the entire operation. Specifically they were able to:

  • Gain centralized management and control over their multi-site operation.
  • Realize significant gains in efficiency with IVR self-service options on demand
  • Use LiveVox Business Analytics to determine the top reasons patients called and create more effective, efficient self-service automation.
  • Significantly reduce the number of calls that required agent assistance.
  • Utilize blended agents with inbound priority and skills-based routing to more efficiently mange and rout agent calls.
  • Use root cause analysis on call flows, IVR scripts, call results as well as patient feedback to further refine self-service strategies.
  • Improve the patient experience with 24/7 automation and self-service and seamless transfers to the right agent at the right time.

“LiveVox helped us to improve the patient experience with an informed approach to self-service and with better agent routing,” says the Head of Customer Experience. “But it’s also an amazing efficiency tool. We couldn’t possibly have handled our current call volume without LiveVox.”

About the Solution

One of the largest healthcare service providers in North American utilizes LiveVox blended Inbound with IVR and business analytics services.

“LiveVox standardized and improved operations across sites, gave excellent guidance on improving our IVR scripts, allowed us to streamline self-service for our patients and simplify call handling for our agents—a real win-win result.”

—Business Process Support, LiveVox Healthcare Services Client


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