“The ability to grab customer experience data points from LiveVox at a moment’s notice has really improved our client relationships and made us uniquely competitive.” – Chief Operating Officer, Leading Healthcare ARM.


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This leading Healthcare Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) provider had been using the LiveVox Four Clouds Outbound Systems for a number of years. When they began an initiative to use additional inbound functionality, they came to LiveVox for help—and an aggressive implementation schedule. They needed to conduct required customer satisfaction surveys and report results for their key healthcare provider clients, as well as make their handling of the inbound channel over multiple centers more effective and efficient.

“Particularly in healthcare servicing, we talk a lot about the customer experience,” says their, Chief Operating Officer. “Healthcare customer service in general is all about driving patient satisfaction, so their experience matters to our clients. We knew this day was coming—and when it did, we had to quickly get up and running with a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) capability. LiveVox listened and worked closely with us as their client to get the solution we needed in place.”


LiveVox brought this key client online with their Blended Inbound and CSAT capabilities with a week and a half to spare on the project deadline.

Unlike most other patient survey solutions, LiveVox’s CSAT Survey is a fully integrated IVR. This integration is key to being able to capture consumer feedback immediately after a call, and more importantly tie the data directly back to the specific call activity, campaign, and event agent. LiveVox’s CSAT survey capability empowers:

  • Immediate Feedback Channels: Surveys can be presented to the patient as part of the overall interaction – across multiple channels (e.g. SMS), upfront, or immediately post call, increasing the chances and accuracy of patient feedback.
  • Contextual Feedback: Feedback is provided with full interaction data, helping pinpoint specific areas of improvement or top performance drivers – all the way down to the specific agent and engagement.
  • Automated Response Actions: Survey results can be set to trigger specific actions, including agent call back to mitigate the impacts of a negative experience.
    In addition, LiveVox empowered this ARM to take their client’s request to the next level by applying performance analytics to feedback data using Business Intelligence. In doing so, they can quickly uncover possible improvement areas to drive patient satisfaction, furthering the service provider’s position as a leader in their field.

“The use of the CSAT capability had a direct and immediate impact on improving the quality of our efforts. We’re now able to capture that CSAT information in the LiveVox BI tool, use it to better analyze our own performance and report on that performance to our clients,” the COO says. “The ability to grab performance data points from LiveVox at a moment’s notice has really improved our client relationships and made us uniquely competitive.”

About the Solution

This client utilizes the LiveVox Blended Inbound solution to manage patient outreach to and response across multiple locations. In addition, LiveVox provides Performance Analytics with Business Intelligence to manage the required reporting and insight.

“Being able to measure, track and report on customer experience is a great business boost. The real-time aspect of the reporting gives us more proven credibility with our clients and helps us show we’re treating patients in the right way.”

– Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare ARM