“Administration and setting up agents/ termination codes/ and changing contact fields is so easy. With other platforms there was a need to go to IT and other applications.” – Edward Abreu, Business Analyst, Performant Financial Corp.

Implementation time
Agent Empowerment
Business Growth
Tech Resource Demand

The Challenge

Speed-to-Market for new campaigns is often a multi-step, multi-application, multi-department process — often heavily reliant on IT resources. This slows down the ability to compete for new business and limits rapid adaptation for necessary changes and updates.

With the previous multiple system set up, creating campaigns for new business opportunities required multiple requests for IT resources, along with significant 3rd party application updates to create the required custom reporting.

The Solution

With LiveVox [u], a cloud-based digital engagement platform, Performant was able to dramatically simplify the data complexities and integrations with systems for appropriate access to customer data. The LiveVox [u] series empowered their contact center managers to implement new client campaigns from a single platform without requiring significant IT resources.

With LiveVox’s Contact Manager,  Performant is able to configure all campaign attributes from a single platform, eliminating multiple steps and need for repeated IT involvement. Previously new client implementations averaged between 6-8 weeks. As a result moving to LiveVox, implementations can now be completed in 2 weeks and new digital campaigns updated as needed.



About the Solution

Performant Financial Corporation is a BPO specializing in healthcare, commercial, and government outsourcing services. Performant is supported by 600+ agents with four call center locations across the U.S. The BPO has over 15+ years providing contact center services, maximizing revenue, quality and cost integrity for the clients we serve.

“The way its setup, you have the flexibility to monitor/administer things on the fly. You can be nimble, you can roll  with those changes fairly quickly because everything is on one platform.” – Edward Abreu, Business Analyst