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January 14, 2021

Success Story: How Royal Caribbean International Transformed CX and Agent Workflows Using SpeechIQ

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Royal Caribbean International is one of the world’s leading cruise companies, priding themselves on continuous innovation and a commitment to providing friendly and engaging service to their global customer base.

They were able to leverage SpeechIQ’s Call Driver reports to understand the reason for every inbound customer call. These reports gave much more detail, and at a far greater level of accuracy than was achieved with agent-led dispositioning.

The insights that Royal Caribbean has been able to gain through this, in terms of understanding customer intent and problems in detail and in the aggregate, have been used to improve customer experience across multiple departments – not just their contact center.

The Challenge

Understanding the reasons customers contact them is a big deal for Royal Caribbean, and vital to cross-departmental operations. It influences their call flow, training, promotions, website, problem resolution, communications, and more.

For example, knowing the most prominent reasons customers are contacting you is the cornerstone of developing an effective IVR. And these reasons are subject to change which you need to be made aware of.

The same information can inform other self-service options that could be fulfilled using solutions such as website functionality, that help lessen the burden on contact center agents and resolve customer issues more quickly.

Royal Caribbean’s problem while they were attempting to gather this information, their method of doing so was producing inaccurate and incomplete information.

That’s because they were using post-call, human-led dispositioning that involved agents picking one call reason from a drop-down list of more than 300 options! 

When tested, they found that the accuracy for this method was only around 40%. Not only that, the information was incomplete. Oftentimes people would call in for multiple reasons – but Royal was only able to record one of these.

The impact? Data that was neither insightful nor actionable.

The Solution

Already a user of SpeechIQ, Royal Caribbean worked with us to create bespoke call driver reports. These reports leverage SpeechIQ’s powerful speech recognition and analysis capabilities to break down the motivation for every inbound customer contact. They capture not just one reason, but all of the reasons, giving a far more nuanced and detailed understanding of customer needs.

This information is then made even more useful because, within SpeechIQ, Royal Caribbean was able to easily filter it by contact center, date range, skill group, agent, and more to create valuable reports and insights.

The results

The accuracy of the call driver reports is approximately 90%, compared to the 40% that they were experiencing with agent-led dispositioning.

The automation of this process also saved their agents on average more than 20 seconds of post-call activity per call resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved.

The reports are sent to several areas of the company throughout the day, providing invaluable insights that inform a plethora of business decisions, from marketing and operations to communications, customer service, and more.

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