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Every leader knows the power that call center monitoring software gives them. Over the years, the meaning of “a positive customer experience” has evolved. Businesses have adapted by changing the way they approach customer service.

In the call center, changes are commonplace. Training contact center agents to adapt to those changes requires knowledgeable call center leadership. One example is the gradual shift from voice to omnichannel that occurred over the twenty years. Supervisors provided coaching, support, and extensive training to make sure that their teams learned those new skills. 

The ever-changing environment in the call center can make it difficult for leadership to provide effective coaching on a consistent basis. Call center monitoring software helps leadership monitor agent interactions and pinpoint areas of weakness. It’s a highly-valuable tool that manages and keeps track of agent and customer calls. Supervisors are able to listen in on calls to ensure agents are providing quality service. They can use those recordings to improve and customize coaching sessions. Advanced call monitoring software isn’t limited only to call recording. Newer features in today’s call monitoring software can help improve efficiency and maximize productivity in the call center in more ways than ever. 

Speech analytics

Speech analytic tools automate the way users listen to calls to measure agent performance. Its ability to transcribe and apply meaning to information has transformed the way call monitoring software is used. This brings a wide variety of benefits for the call center. SpeechIQ, a solution offered by LiveVox, uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning to transcribe dialogue. Its accuracy helps it distinguish between noises and human voice. SpeechIQ can compile data from each call to produce customized agent performance reports for team supervisors. The reports provided by LiveVox’s business intelligence solutions can help identify trending keywords, high-risk calls, and potential issues with a product or service. The reports also outline standard metrics such as average handle time, talk time, and first call resolution rates.

Automated scoring

Speech analytics can also be used to create agent scorecards. Every call is scored according to a preselected set of metrics to determine quality. LiveVox’s SpeechIQ powers the LiveVox Automated Scorecard feature. As each call is transcribed, the software considers several factors before assigning a score. This feature can help streamline the monitoring process for supervisors. Leadership can customize and configure the way calls are scored. They can designate what metrics impact scores to better measure agent performance

Customer sentiment analysis

Another benefit that comes from advanced speech analytics for call monitoring is that it gives leadership insight into what the customer is feeling. Sentiment Analysis can provide data about customer and agent emotions. This feature can identify voice tones and pitch to determine how a speaker is feeling.  It highlights keywords that can indicate positive and negative interactions. As every customer interaction is accurately analyzed, the more opportunity the call center has to exceed their expectations. Supervisors are provided with detailed reports that cover the overall sentiment for each call. It can be difficult to pinpoint out what matters most to your customers. Advanced speech analytic tools combined with business intelligence solutions help remove unknown variables. 

Another benefit that comes from advanced speech analytics for call monitoring is that it gives leadership insight into what the customer is feeling

Integration capabilities

Far too often call center leadership adds new tools to make agents’ jobs easier, but instead adds to the problem by contributing to siloed data. Siloed data occurs when software programs don’t communicate with each other. This can result in a bumpy experience for agents who try to navigate different platforms during phone calls. Call center monitoring software is no exception. Its primary purpose is to record calls. However, this can cause confusion for users that rely on reports to track agent performance. Supervisors may have to pull reports from different platforms to get a high-level overview of performance. Such a time-consuming task can result in a loss of efficiency and productivity. Modern call center monitoring software integrates with your other solutions for a seamless workflow. LiveVox’s Call and Screen recording tool works together with its Business Intelligence feature to provide customized reports. It can pull data from all sources to give users a holistic overview of any given area.

Screen recording

Monitoring audio during each agent interaction provides supervisors with the insight they need to help sharpen agents’ skill sets. Combining audio recordings with screen capturing gives them a deeper look into what agents are doing. They can see if agents are following the right workflows. Screen recordings can also ensure that agents stay on task. Supervisors can leverage top agents’ screen recordings to help train new agents. Seeing a screen moving in action together with the audio recording can help make it easier for new agents to learn how to navigate the software and talk to customers. 

Monitoring audio during each agent interaction provides supervisors with the insight they need to help sharpen agents’ skill sets

Call center monitoring software is a core solution that helps guide leadership when making business, staffing, and training decisions. LiveVox’s Call and Screen recording tool leverages the power of advanced speech analytics to give users the data they need to make sure their call center runs as efficiently as possible. 

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