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December 11, 2018

Simplify Multichannel Agent Training with Screen Recording

How agents engage with customers is changing with the adoption of new channels. Therefore, how they are trained must also evolve. What is the easiest path to achieving this? Start with the basics: Analyze, Adjust, and Scale.

This is a process that contact centers have long leveraged to drive operational performance.  At the core of this process is access to data. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can evolve traditional quality management practices to train agents in a modern contact center with expanded access to data.

Analysis Now Requires Both Audio and Visual

When interactions only happened over the phone, being able to analyze performance simply required call recording data. For some, this is easier said than done. In fact, many contact centers still struggle with obtaining and accessing call recordings across inbound, outbound, and blended voice interactions.

Compounding that challenge is the introduction of new channels. Agents are now interacting on both on the phone and their desktop. Therefore, simply relying on audio for insight is no longer enough. Contact centers must now have both audio and visual – the ability to not only hear what the agent is saying but also seeing what they’re typing in an email, SMS, or chat.

Only with a comprehensive insight of interaction, can contact centers begin to truly gauge the performance of their now multichannel agents. But simply having the data is not enough. Contact centers must also have the tools to leverage the data to analyze, adjust, and scale best practices – a quality management system.

The era of Omnichannel Quality Management

Traditional QM approaches often miss the mark in today’s digital environment.  Like all other contact center applications, quality management applications and processes were built around one channel – voice. With the addition of new channels, this too must evolve. Cloud technology helps solve for this by dramatically lowering the bar to creating such an environment. LiveVox’s customer engagement platform provides an environment to test, analyze, adjust, and scale multichannel workflows easily and from a single location – without heavy investment or reliance on IT

An omnichannel Quality Management Tool must be able to sync both voice and screen recordings to leverage the data into customizable scorecards that ca n track specific multichannel KPIs and compliance requirements across all engagement channels. Here are three examples of how an omnichannel quality management application with call and screen recording can be used to help drive performance in the modern contact center:

  • Multichannel Risk Mitigation: See where your agents might be exposing the organization to risk. For example, they may be recording credit card information incorrectly and breaching compliance rules or sending an email/SMS when the customer asked them not to.
  • Multichannel Quality Management: Screen recording can be used to derive best practices in how an Email/SMS/Chat interaction occurs. Are agents typing an email when a template is available? Are there common chats that can be copy/pasted instead of typing in real time? Are agents not spell-checking their emails?
  • Multichannel Desktop Optimization: Gain visibility into how your agents are navigating their desktops. You can see where your top performers are shaving precious seconds off a particular task and train everyone else on that technique. The goal is to identify gaps in training, process, and workflows to scale your highest performers.

The practice of training agents has not changed in today’s digital environment – determining what drives best practices and scaling them across the workforce remains essential to contact center performance. The tools, however, are what must evolve.

Cloud is Lowering the Barrier to Adoption

This evolution has traditionally required contact centers to enlist multiple vendors and make large investments in both integrations and upkeep. A project that can easily add up to millions and months to years to implement. For many, this barrier is too high.

The cloud technology helps solve for this by dramatically lowering the bar to creating such an environment. LiveVox’s customer engagement platform provides an environment to test, analyze, adjust, and scale multichannel workflows easily and from a single location – without heavy investment or reliant in IT.

Contact us to learn more about how LiveVox can help contact center managers and agents drive performance and improve the customer experience in today’s digital environment.

Stay tuned to learn more about Omnichannel Quality Management with advanced agent scorecards.

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