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March 21, 2022

Should You Outsource Your Call Center Services?

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Outsourcing means you won’t have to invest in the infrastructure, hiring, and training required to maintain contact center operations.

With the advancement of cutting-edge call center technologies, customers expect top-notch support. Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. To meet these rising expectations, companies are investing in their customer support strategies by improving their own internal call centers or outsourcing their call center services. 

Is outsourcing call center services right for your company? Keep reading for a breakdown of the benefits, challenges, and considerations for outsourcing your call center.

First, what is a call center?

A call center is a centralized business department that handles incoming and outgoing calls between a company and their customers or potential customers. The people who answer the calls are call center agents or representatives. Call centers provide an array of services. Companies can choose to invest in creating and maintaining their own internal call center or outsource these functions to a dedicated call center service company.

How do you know whether you should outsource your call center needs?

Most businesses will choose to outsource call center services for convenience and expediency. Outsourcing means you won’t have to invest in the infrastructure, hiring, and training required to maintain contact center operations. Outsourcing also affords the ability to service customers around the globe, so it’s an attractive strategy for many international businesses. There’s also the added bonus of entrusting seasoned specialists whose sole priority is customer service with handling your brand and customer experience reputation.

Most businesses will choose to outsource call center services for convenience and expediency.

What’s the difference between call center services and contact center services?

Traditionally, call centers only communicate with customers via live phone calls. Contact centers use an array of communication styles like phone calls, SMS, social media messaging, etc. Today, these terms are often used interchangeably.

What services do call centers provide?

Call center services are broken down into two types: inbound and outbound. Inbound call centers focus on answering incoming customer inquiries. These incoming inquiries usually cover basic how-to issues like:

  • Product and/or tech support
  • Payment and order processing
  • Upgrade and renewal inquiries

Basically, any inquiry a customer submits themselves falls under inbound services.

Outbound services are the opposite of inbound. Agents or representatives contact leads and current customers themselves. The main goals of outbound services are to increase lead generation or collect customer feedback. Here’s a list of outbound services a call center might provide: 

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Telesales
  • Telemarketing
  • Market research
  • Customer surveys 
  • Fundraising
  • Debt collection

The benefits of outsourcing your call center services

Can save your company money in the short term

The benefits of an outsourced call center can outweigh the costs in some cases. On top of hiring costs, call centers require upfront and continuous costs for technologies, tools, and training. These costs can add up quickly. Hiring a company that already has the infrastructure in place can be cheaper than setting up your own contact center. On the other hand, investing in an internal contact center reaps more benefits in the long run like improved quality control and access to robust data and analytics.

It’s an easily scalable solution

As your company grows, so will your call volume. Established call centers can logistically support increased call volumes. While it’s easier to scale customer support in the short term with an outsourced call center, your company’s own contact center can be easily scalable – while maintaining quality – with the right software platform. 

Uses the latest technology 

Call centers use modern tools and software. They have the resources to invest in finding and implementing the latest technologies for their clients. Historically, only established call centers invested in cutting-edge technologies. But with access to affordable yet top-notch call center platforms, companies have the ability to use the best software in their own contact centers.

Provides 24×7 support

There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than trying to contact a company’s support center and finding out it’s offline. Your customers expect (and deserve) support when they need it most. With an outsourced call center, your customers around the globe can access the best possible support at any time of the day or night.

The challenges of outsourcing your call center services

Loss of control over the customer experience

Outsourcing any type of service comes with a loss of control. Sometimes it’s worth the risk. But in today’s digital world, providing a great customer experience is crucial to the success of a company. With an internal contact center, you can control the customer experience and invest in improvements that result in a high ROI. 

Limited industry/company/product specific knowledge

While call centers employ professional agents, these support representatives won’t be experts in your company compared to an internal, dedicated customer support team. It takes time and money to train customer service agents. With the number of clients an outsourced call center has, it’s difficult to enable each representative with the correct information for every client.

The benefits of an outsourced call center can outweigh the costs in some cases.

Conflict of interests 

Your company’s contact center goals differ from those of a dedicated call center company. You want to support your customers in the best way possible, even if that means spending more time with them. You want them to be happy and have a great experience, so they become (and stay) brand loyal. The main goal of an outsourced call center is to meet the quotas and service agreements that they have with all of their clients, not only with your company.

Potential data breaches

In 2022, cyber security is a major concern. And for good reason. Anytime you share customer information with a third party, you must consider the risk of data breaches. Do your due diligence and find a company with a secure, cloud-based platform and high-quality security measures. Even then, you cannot control the security of your customers’ information.

Rising or unexpected costs 

Professional call centers can bump up their prices based on increased demand. Or they can bill you for additional services. If you’re going to outsource, it’s important to create and stand by a defined contract and SOW to reduce the risk of unexpected costs.

The takeaway

To create the best possible experience for your customers, keep your call center services within your company. With LiveVox, you can reap the benefits of an outsourced call center while keeping your customer support in-house. Our easy-to-use contact center platform delivers exceptional agent and customer experiences while reducing compliance risk.

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