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LiveVox Customer Webinar:

Attempt Supervisor and Regulation F: Face-to-Face Discussion and Q&A

About This Webinar:

In this exclusive webinar, LiveVox’s Senior Director of Business Consulting, Jason Queener, and Senior Solutions Consultant, Mark Findley, help customers ensure they are prepared to get the most out of our Attempt Supervisor tool in the wake of the CFPB’s Reg F rules.

Backed with the right strategy, it’s the perfect tool to manage outbound contact attempts as 7-in-7 goes into effect on November 30th.

This webinar helps with that strategy by sharing key considerations, tips for what businesses can start doing to prepare now, and general best practices.

Additional Resources

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An In-Depth Guide to the New CFPB Rules

Download this ebook for a comprehensive overviews of the CFPB’s Regulation F debt collection rules and their consequences.

LiveVox [eBook / CFPB]

Tools to Manage the New Rules:

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics can be a game changer when it comes to capturing customers giving or revoking consent in the context of the CFPB’s rules.

Tools to Manage the New Rules:


Emails and SMS are going to play a key role for organizations looking to reach out to customers effectively in the wake of the new rules.

Tools to Manage the New Rules:

CRM/Consent Management

Tracking who’s been called and what types of communications they opted into and out of is going to be nearly impossible without an effective CRM.