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To Text or Not to Text – a Roundtable Discussion with the CFPB One Year Since Reg F

About this Webinar:

It has been over a year since the Regulation F rules on debt collection went into effect, and despite the CFPB’s greenlight and the guidelines they provided for the use of SMS, many collectors are yet to fold a texting program into their broader collections strategy.

Blockers remain, from compliance and cost concerns to tech and adoption hurdles, that are preventing collectors from firmly grasping this opportunity with both hands.

In this brand new webinar, we are putting together a superstar panel for a discussion designed to help you overcome these blockers and start reaping the significant benefits that SMS can offer.

Featured Speakers

LiveVox [Gandhi Eswaramoorthy / headshot]

Gandhi Eswaramoorthy

Debt Collections Senior Program Manager

LiveVox [Joann Needleman / headshot]

Joann Needleman

Practice Leader
Clark Hill PLC

Mark Mallah

Mark Mallah

General Counsel