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How Equipped are Contact Center Agents to Deliver Personalized Omnichannel Customer Experiences?

500+ Contact Center Agents Weigh in on Job Performance and Customer Experience Challenges

Contact center agents have the power to make or break the customer experience. But do they have the digital tools they need to create contextual and meaningful conversations as customers hop between channels?

To answer this question, LiveVox partnered with Omdia to survey 530 rank-and-file contact center agents across a variety of industries, company sizes, and operating models.

The survey report analyzes the ability of contact center agents to properly service customers and the obstacles preventing proactive, personalized omnichannel engagement.

What you’ll learn in this Omdia report:

  • How a lack of the right digital tools is impacting agent job satisfaction and productivity and leading to negative customer satisfaction
  • Proven strategies for increased omnichannel customer engagement and personalization
  • A clear roadmap for improving the agent experience and omnichannel CX.


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Agent Experience and the Shifting Digital Landscape

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