Introducing LV19

Powerful New Capabilities, Enhanced by AI and Automation, Designed to Boost Collaboration, Productivity, and Customer Experience

On-Demand Webinar:

Replay our client-exclusive webinar to learn about LV19, the latest release of LiveVox’s cloud contact center platform.

This engaging session covered the key new capabilities in LV19 designed to maximize performance and ROI for your contact center, including the following capabilities:

  • Customer Happiness Index: Evaluate customers’ interaction history to determine their happiness level and relationship trend, enabling agents and managers to enhance customer relationships
  • LiveVox Connect: Enhance team collaboration and contact center engagement with bulletins, internal chat, perfect for dispersed teams
  • Agent Assist: Discover how AI-powered real-time speech analytics capabilities like live transcript, prompts and automated post-call notes can transform agent performance.
  • Customer Journey Analytics: Create detailed journey maps, integrate ticketing data, and gain in-depth insights into customer behavior, allowing you to develop strategies that streamline customer journeys, enhance customer experience, and boost operational efficiency.

You’ll see how LV19 leverages intelligent AI, automation, and real-time analytics to transform the agent experience, offering you a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing customer engagement landscape. Additionally, learn about the benefits of LV19’s 100% public cloud architecture and enterprise-grade security protocols, supporting increased uptime and data protection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your contact center. Reach out to your account team to learn more about upgrading to LV19!

Featured Speakers

Boris Grinshpun

VP of Product Strategy

Jason Queener

Senior Director, Business Consulting