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CX Data Unification in the Cloud: Driving Visibility Across the Customer Journey

It’s 2023, and by now it’s well established that customer centricity and empathy are essential to creating personalized customer journeys that improve lifetime value, revenue, and retention for your business.

But in the new year, building customer centricity and empathy into your CX journey will require a deeper and more complete understanding of your customer—something that not many contact centers have mastered.

In this Technology Spotlight, IDC’s Mary Wardley, Program Vice President, Customer Care and CRM, explains:


  • What the Future of Customers (FoC) is and how it will continue to impact CX in 2023
  • The role of CX data in building a culture of customer centricity and empathy across the enterprise
  • How to create a data-agnostic environment that enables empathy at scale
  • How LiveVox eliminates data silos and paves a more simplified path to personalized customer experiences.

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