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How To Pilot Generative AI

Uncover the true power of generative AI and learn how to focus on its practical business applications instead of just technical showcases in this complimentary Gartner® report about how to pilot generative AI.

Gartner® key findings:

  • “The most successful pilots focus on demonstrating business potential, not on technical feasibility.”
  • “Organizations tend to run technical pilots that simply demonstrate that it is possible to build something with generative AI, leading to only incremental improvements and ignoring the transformative potential of this technology.”
  • “IT leaders struggle to identify and prioritize impactful generative AI use cases due to the broad and emerging nature of the technology.”
  • “Mature AI organizations involve business partners and software engineers as key members of their AI projects and pilot teams.”
  • “Generative AI allows for faster development cycles than traditional AI projects. For this reason, a generative AI pilot requires a lean cycle of innovation — short experiments to test how the technology could add strategic value — while mitigating the potential risks that come with generative AI.”

You’ll learn how to:

  • “Run a workshop to generate use-case ideas with the business, focusing on the disruptive potential of generative AI and the way in which it can enable strategic objectives.”
  • “Prioritize your use-case ideas by scoring them according to their business value and feasibility.”
  • “Create a minimum viable product to validate each use case. Identify the target business key performance indicator (KPI) improvement hypothesis, and define the deployment approaches and risk mitigations required to quickly test this hypothesis.”
  • “Deliver the minimum functionality required to test the use cases, and refine your assumptions on the cost and value of scaling them.”
  • “Decide whether to stop, refine or scale each use case.”

Who We Believe Should Read This:

  • IT leaders looking to leverage AI for significant business transformation.
  • Contact center operators focused on integrating AI without getting lost in the technical maze.
  • CX professionals aiming to bridge the gap between AI capabilities and business goals.

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Gartner®, How To Pilot Generative AI, Leinar Ramos, Anthony Mullen, et al. 10 July 2023.

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