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A Forrester Thought Leadership Paper:

Contact Center Leaders Weigh In on the Top Challenges to Improving the Agent and Customer Experience

In late 2020, LiveVox commissioned Forrester Consulting, a leading global research and advisory firm, to evaluate the current state of customer experience (CX) in the contact center. Forrester surveyed over 250 contact center leaders to understand what issues are hindering their ability to drive customer satisfaction and improve their bottom line.

The findings show 70% of contact centers lack access to relevant customer data at the moment of agent interaction.

While that may not be a surprise, the path to solving this challenge uncovers systemic issues that are impacting daily performance and impeding long-term business growth beyond just CX.

Additional Findings:

  • 1 out of every 3 firms can only orchestrate customer journeys within individual channels
  • 51% of respondents agree that viewing customer data across all channels is a top issue
  • 57% of contact centers are unable to take full advantage of the capabilities in the customer’s channel of choice


Download the full study to see how a Contact Center Platform with embedded CRM capabilities can eliminate data silos and create a frictionless customer experience.

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