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Exclusive LiveVox eBook:

Agent Experience is Underrated

More engaged agents foster stronger relationships with customers.

While this may seem intuitive, employee experience in the contact center is still an overlooked aspect of many customer engagement and service strategies.

This ebook looks at the rise of agent experience, examining how AX affects CX and highlights many of the most prominent AX trends including the ways you can provide tools, training, and guidelines to prepare your contact center teams for maximal success.

66% of contact center agents say they’re not provided with the right tools to address customer needs.

Investing in the right contact center technology is equivalent to investing in your agents, but it’s only half the battle.

Our new guide lays out steps to improve the agent experience in your contact center, including agent desktop optimizations, training tips, and performance benchmarks focused on helping you onboard, train, and upskill contact center talent for improved retention and employee satisfaction.

Download our latest guide to learn about:

  • How AX drives positive customer outcomes
  • What the future of AX looks like for contact centers
  • Practical AX best practices & agent experience assessment guidelines
  • The financial upside of agent engagement
  • KPI benchmarks to objectively assess agent performance.

To find out more, download the full eBook.

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