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Empower managers to provide targeted and effective feedback, coaching, and training to agents, wherever they are.

Key Benefits of eLearning

Improve performance and productivity

Agent performance is the single most important factor in driving business outcomes, delivering a good customer experience, and mitigating risk. With LiveVox you’ll be able to drive agent performance by providing targeted, effective, and trackable training and coaching to your agents wherever they are.

Develop your agents regardless of location

The industry average for agent turnover is 44% with a lack of training and development often cited as a key reason for leaving. Effective training strategies not only drive up performance and compliance standards but will also help you to hold on to your best people and avoid the costs of high staff turnover.

Empower managers

Give managers the tools they need to monitor their team’s performance, deliver effective coaching strategies, and track agent performance over time. With LiveVox managers can easily create workflows to assign and track training and coaching tasks to individual agents or teams, wherever they are located.

Tip Sheet

Tips For Training A Remote Workforce

Read about why training is vital for a remote workforce and the tips to do it effectively.

LiveVox Tip Sheet: Training for Work From Home Agents
Simplified Training

Easily assign and track training tasks

Assign tasks to individual agents, teams, or your whole contact center and then track acknowledgment and completion, for both in-house and remote agents, all through one easy-to-use interface. You can use almost any file type as a training resource as well as your own call and screen recordings.

Learn more about our call and screen recording capabilities.

Useful Feedback

Provide highly-detailed, objective feedback to agents

Effortlessly distribute your own call and screen recordings to agents. Agents can view the calls directly on their desktop, with accompanying manager notes, tagged audio, and scorecards.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Configurable Agent Desktops.

Integrated Analytics

Track progress over time

Because all of the different elements of the LiveVox platform are unified, you can easily view and analyze your quality management data in our performance and analytics tool, giving you the ability to track how effective your training and coaching strategies are over time.

Learn more about our Business Intelligence and Performance Analytics solution.

eLearning In Action

LiveVox eLearning

LiveVox Omnichannel Capabilities:

  • Multichannel Agent Desktop
  • Blended voice and message routing
  • Mass and 2-Way Email
  • Mass and 2-Way SMS
  • 2-Way Webchat
  • Template Creation & Canned Messages
  • Compliance with CTIA Standards and CAN-SPAM
  • Embedded Consent Management
  • Outbound Campaign Configuration
  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Multichannel Reporting
  • Native CRM and WFO Functionality

Learn about LiveVox’s other WFO offerings

eLearning is just one of many ways LiveVox helps you manage your workforce. Download the brochure to learn about LiveVox’s other WFO capabilities.

LiveVox WFO Brochure

Why Choose LiveVox?

Better Customer Experience

Agents engage via configurable workflows in tailored desktops. The tailored desktops have the benefit of key consumer profile information and interaction history, to provide superior customer experiences.

One Unified Platform

All LiveVox capabilities are accessed via a single, secure, cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs via our open APIs so agents get up and running quickly.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements while also reducing operational and capital expenditures.

Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive compliance controls including consent and revocation management as well as CTIA industry guide and TCPA and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Customer Channels of Choice

Engage with customers in the places they want to be including Voice, Email, SMS, and Web Chat and unite all conversations.