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Direct agents towards successful resolutions

Livevox Agent Assist automates manual processes and provides real-time guidance using AI-powered knowledge and conversation suggestions in your contact center.

Key Benefits of LiveVox’s Agent Assist

Real-Time Speech-to-Text Processing

Agent Assist uses real-time speech-to-text processing to provide agents with automated cues during customer interactions, ensuring that they’re always providing customers with the best service, while also streamlining the call flow process and eliminating manual data entry.

Intelligent Automation & Guidance For Contact Center Agents

Boost confidence, eliminate workflow frictions, and provide agents with automatic product recommendations using AI-driven algorithms and machine learning models that turn every agent into a top performer in real time by providing them with live instruction and guidance during customer interactions.


Automated After-Call Work

Agents will stay on brand and on task during customer conversations without worrying about note-taking or other after-call work. Agent Assist can be used to automate workflow processes including triggered alerts and provide managers with dynamic coaching tips, allowing them to make sure their teams are always at peak performance.

Product Brief

Unlock Your Agent’s Full Potential with Agent Assist

Agent Assist uses real-time speech-to-text processing to guide agents with live information and recommendations during customer interactions.

Advanced Intent Recognition to Pinpoint Critical Moments

LiveVox Agent Assist provides advanced intent recognition, so you can quickly and accurately recognize customer inquiries and respond with the right help. With customizable rules, you can set specific parameters and conditions to ensure that agents have the right guidance for each customer. Agent Assist is capable of recognizing customer inquiries, analyzing call metadata, and even real-time sentiment analysis for more engaging and accurate communication.

Automated Actions to Eliminate Redundancy and Repetition

LiveVox Agent Assist can trigger automated actions such as on-screen text displays, API calls, alerts, and notifications. This powerful tool helps boost efficiency and productivity while freeing up managers to focus on strategic growth and coaching. With customizable rules and actions based on specific conditions and parameters, Agent Assist helps to streamline contact center workflows and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Real-Time Transcription To Streamline Conversations

LiveVox’s Agent Assist helps you say goodbye to unnecessary ‘oops’-moments and strained customer interactions with real-time transcription technology. No more awkward pauses, questions about how to spell something, or repeat questions, just a smooth communication flow that’s accurate and efficient.

Streamlined Customer Interactions For Improved CX and AX

LiveVox’s Agent Assist streamlines customer interactions, ensuring both the agent and customer have all the information they need to have a successful conversation. This helps to reduce customer frustration and increases customer satisfaction, while also improving productivity and reducing time spent on customer interactions.


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Check out Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is real-time agent assistance?

Real-time agent assistance is a technology that provides immediate support and guidance to contact center agents during customer interactions. It uses AI algorithms to analyze customer interactions in real-time, using natural language processing to identify the intent of the customer and provide assistance to the agent. 

Real-time agent assistance tools offer agents automated cues and prompts to guide them through the conversation, such as recommending possible solutions, providing product information, or giving coaching tips. The goal of real-time agent assistance is to improve the quality of customer interactions, reduce handling times, and increase first call resolution rates. By providing agents with the right information at the right time, real-time agent assistance enables them to provide a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

How can real-time agent assistance help in the contact center?

Real-time agent assistance helps contact centers in many ways. It enables agents to quickly and accurately answer customer queries, resulting in better customer satisfaction. By automating workflow processes, it reduces the time needed to complete tasks and provides a more consistent experience for customers across all channels. 

Tools like LiveVox Agent Assist can also provide contextual cues and suggestions that help agents navigate challenging conversations more effectively or optimize for offers and upsells. Real-time agent assistance can identify these areas of opportunities for improvement and enable managers to provide personalized coaching tips in real-time, helping agents stay on track and reach their goals faster.

What are some of the benefits of using real-time agent assistance in the contact center?

Real-time agent assistance in the contact center offers many benefits. First, it increases customer satisfaction by enabling agents to quickly and accurately answer their questions, resulting in a better overall customer experience. Second, it streamlines processes by automating mundane tasks and providing contextual hints that help agents stay on track. Third, it can provide tailored coaching tips to help agents improve their performance in real-time. It also enables managers to identify areas of improvement as well as potential issues before they become bigger problems. Finally, real-time agent assistance can help contact centers reduce operating costs by increasing first call resolution rates and reducing handling times.

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