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Next-Generation CRM

Help your agents improve customer experiences with LiveVox’s CRM, purpose-built for the contact center.

Key Benefits of LiveVox CRM

A CRM made for contact centers

Avoid unnecessary features and add-on windows that come with traditional approaches to CRM. LiveVox’s CRM pulls together the data needed to help agents meet customer expectations across all channels.

Foster tighter bonds with agents so they can do the same with customers

Agents want to be productive. Enable them to do their jobs better and more efficiently with a tool that connects everything they need into a configurable desktop that quiets the noise. 


Maintain your existing CRMs or systems of record

LiveVox enables you to leverage your existing data in our modern CRM, supplementing rather than replacing your existing systems to create better customer experiences.

Extended Overview

LiveVox Unified CRM

Get a deeper dive into LiveVox’s CRM solution.

LiveVox CRM Overview

Unified CRM

Close the cross-channel gap with a single pane of glass that centralizes and standardizes key customer and interaction data across all channels & applications into a single database, creating unified customer profiles with insight across the entire customer journey. Based on universal profiles, managers can easily deploy digital campaigns quickly from a single desktop and create custom fields, filters, multichannel workflows, and agent scripts on the fly.

Learn more about LiveVox’s Unified CRM solution.

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Configurable Agent Desktop Image

Configurable Agent Desktops

The job of an agent is getting harder. Create a desktop that improves agent experience by making it easy for them to fulfill customer expectations. Enable agents to deliver great experiences consistently and efficiently with a desktop that is curated specifically to their role and is enriched with key consumer information such as multichannel contact history, ticketing status, and other relevant details.

Learn more about our Configurable Agent Desktops. 

Agent Scripting

Scale and standardize interactions with flexible agent scripting. Agent scripts are presented directly in the agent desktop alongside consumer profile information to help agents personalize their conversations. Scripts can be automatically presented to the agent based on specific consumer attributes and can contain conditional logic.

Learn more about our Agent Scripting solution.

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Ticketing Image


LiveVox’s integrated ticketing system consolidates all relevant service activities into a threaded view that is linked to the customer account record. Contact centers can effectively track, easily transfer, and seamlessly respond in a multichannel environment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Learn more about our Ticketing solution.

Consent Management

Simplify how you manage multichannel consent by empowering agents & managers to track customer preference changes on every communication channel. All outreach engagement (mass and individual interactions) adhere to the customer’s consent status and adjust in real-time when their preferences change.

Learn more about our omnichannel consent management functionality. 

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Secure Payment Capture Image

Secure Payment Capture (SPC)

LiveVox makes the experience of payments easy and secure by offering Secure Payment Capture. While processing a payment during a call, the agent cannot hear or see customer payment information but can guide them through the payment information gathering process in a more personal and “live” way. 

Learn more about how LiveVox can help you address payment data security.

LiveVox CRM Capabilities:

  • Multichannel Interaction History
  • Advanced Filtering and Field Mapping
  • Multichannel Consent Management and Suppression List
  • Contact Attempt Management
  • Configurable Segmentation
  • Contact Notes and Attachment Library
  • Agent Desktop Editor
  • Campaign and Workflow Management
  • Voice and Multichannel Inbox
  • Integrated Scripting and Ticketing
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • API Call Outs to 3rd Party Systems
  • Web-Intake Form
  • Integrated WFO tools

In-depth look at LiveVox’s CRM offerings

Dive deeper into all of LiveVox’s CRM offering by downloading this brochure.

LiveVox CRM Brochure

Why Choose LiveVox?

Better Customer Experience

Agents engage via configurable workflows in tailored desktops with the enrichment of key consumer profile and interaction history to provide superior customer experiences.

One Unified Platform

All LiveVox capabilities are accessed via a single, secure, cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs via our open APIs so agents get up and running quickly.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements while also reducing operational and capital expenditures.

Mitigate Risk

Comprehensive compliance controls including consent and revocation management as well as CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM regulations.

Customer Channels of Choice

Engage with customers in the places they want to be including Voice, Email, SMS, and Web Chat and unite all conversations.