Omnichannel CX Platform for Contact Centers

Deliver Connected Experiences Across Channels

Drive engagement and loyalty by providing a frictionless, tailored experience for your customers and agents that exceeds expectations. Our omnichannel platform makes it possible for your contact center.

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Empower Your Agents To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Connect Every Customer, Conversation, And Channel In One Place

+ Personalize Conversations Across Customer Journeys
+ Let Customers Reach You How And When They Want
+ Agents Can Use Data From All Previous Conversations

Engage Customers Intelligently, Anytime And In Any Channel They Choose

+ Convenient Voice, Digital, And Self-Service Options
+ Conversations Easily Switch Between Channels
+ 360° Customer View Throughout Entire Journey

Help Agents Exceed Customer Expectations

+ Everything In A Single Pane of Glass
+ All The Tools, Data, And Guidance Agents Need
+ Deliver Standout Service And Care Across Channels

Omnichannel / AI Brief

Make Things Frictionless For Customers And Agents

See how LiveVox’s Omnichannel / AI tools help make life easier for your customers and agents with easy, connected, cross-channel conversations.

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Digital + Self-Service = Game-Changing Engagement

With the right mix of digital channels and AI-powered self-service options, your customers can get the help they need how they want, when they want, and where they want.

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Expand What’s Possible With Practical AI

Add more self-service options for customers and drive more agent productivity with automated workflows, all without adding more headcount.

Explore our Omnichannel AI features
Explore our omnichannel business intelligence solutions
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Know Your Customers And Optimize Operations

Understand customer needs better than ever before with analytics covering your entire operation—from Customer Journey maps to Business Performance insights and more.

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True Omnichannel vs. Traditional Multichannel

Check out a side-by-side comparison of how a true omnichannel approach can transform the contact center experience for customers and agents.

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Guide Your Agents in Real Time

Support your agents during and after each interaction with AI Agent Assist capabilities, including Real-Time Transcription, Live Agent Guidance, and Automatic Post-Call Summaries.

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Manage Consent And Preferences With Ease

Keep track of customer consent and channel preferences and link to campaigns, with unified records that automatically update across channels.

Easily manage your consent and compliance

Omnichannel Compliance eBook

Your Guide To Omnichannel Compliance

This free resource dives deeper into consumer engagement laws and shows you how to achieve both compliance and performance in your contact center.

The Cloud Contact Center Platform That Connects Everything In One Place

Outbound & Inbound Voice
  • Battle-Tested Outbound Compliance
  • Customer-First Inbound Service
  • Automation Tools And Self-Service Options

2-Way / Mass SMS
  • Individual Or Bulk Messages
  • Automate Using AI
  • Compliance Controls

  • Data-Led Campaign / Targeting Tools
  • Cross-Channel Visibility / Reporting
  • Interaction History In Full HTML

  • Real-Time Conversations
  • Match Your Website’s Look And Feel
  • Integrates With AI Chatbots

Multichannel Chatbots
  • AI-Enabled Self-Service
  • Provide 24/7/365 Support
  • For Webchat And SMS

Intelligent Virtual Agents
  • Fast, Accurate Self-Service
  • No Code, No Engineering
  • Assist Live Agent Escalation

Customer-Centric Campaigns
  • Robust Segmentation / Targeting
  • Links Channels, Data, Plus History
  • Tailored Workflows / Ticketing

  • Like HCI®, But For SMS
  • TCPA-Focused And Cost-Effective
  • More ROI, Less Risk

Attempt Supervisor
  • Manage Outbound Contact Attempts
  • Across Voice, Email, And SMS
  • For Compliance / Customer Consent

  • Seamless Integration
  • Access 2 Billion Users
  • All From One Screen

Prior to LiveVox, we were using several different applications across voice, email, and SMS. With LiveVox, all of our channels are on a single platform, providing our agents with the insight they needed to immediately identify and service the customer, regardless of the channel.

—Tom Nusspickel | COO, American First Finance

“LiveVox makes every interaction feel customized with intelligent agent screen pops and multichannel capabilities. Makes work easier by enabling campaign creation on any channel, at any time with full insight on performance.”

—Helpdesk Support, Financial Services

“LiveVox was essential to accelerating our evolution to a digital-first model. This was the platform where we could introduce the power of digital channels in order to connect with consumers. So it was actually a way to accelerate our thinking around omnichannel.”

VP, Strategic Development, Business Servicer

Dive Deeper Into Omnichannel / AI

Check out Frequently Asked Questions below.

What makes a great omnichannel experience?

A great omnichannel experience in a contact center seamlessly integrates various customer touchpoints, providing a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all channels. This requires efficient personalization, wherein the customer’s journey is tailored to their preferences and past interactions, adapting to their specific needs at each stage. Additionally, a unified yet flexible back-end infrastructure is key to managing data and delivering relevant, real-time communication across multiple platforms.

Additionally, a successful omnichannel strategy employs proactive customer service, anticipating issues or questions and offering support through varied channels like chatbots, social media, and phone calls. Lastly, constantly analyzing customer feedback and behavior patterns helps businesses continually optimize their approach and evolve their omnichannel strategy to cater to the ever-changing needs of their clientele.

What is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

An omnichannel customer experience (CX) focuses on the overall quality of customer care across multiple touchpoints. Omnichannel customer experience strategies unify customer interactions across channels into a single, seamless journey that allows customers to contact businesses on channels of choice without repetitive friction. Omnichannel customer experiences provide customers the freedom to self-select support options and let companies personalize service.

How are contact centers using Omnichannel?

Omnichannel contact centers are used to provide greater personalization and quality of service across many industries. Most contact centers use omnichannel customer support strategies to improve their user experience, improve customer relationships, and increase brand loyalty. SMS notifications, webchat self-service, and conversational IVR are all examples of how omnichannel contact centers manage customer expectations.

What is the difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel?

In a multichannel contact center, customer data and interactions are siloed between various support channels. In an omnichannel contact center, customer data is integrated and interactions are continuous from one channel to the next.

What are common channels used for customer service?

The most popular channel used by customers will depend on the severity of the issue they need resolved, but by and large voice phone calls remain the most frequently used method of outreach in the contact center. Webchat, SMS, and email are also popular, especially among younger generations and for less complicated needs.

Platform Brief

The Simple, Seamless, Secure Platform

See how LiveVox helps you transform your contact center’s performance and be a game changer for your company.

LiveVox Platform Brief

What Are Your Advantages With LiveVox?

Transform your contact center's performance with a proven cloud platform that's actually easy to use and optimize.

Billions of Omnichannel interactions powered every year

Trusted by game-changing clients for more than 20 years

Recognized by the industry's leading analysts

Fully-Integrated Public Cloud Platform

+ Unified Tools, Channels, And Data To Maximize ROI
+ Fast, Easy, And Cost-Effective To Scale And Optimize
+ Turnkey Omnichannel / AI / Analytics Out-Of-The-Box

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AX Workplace Made For Contact Centers

+ Integrate It All, Including Agent Workflows, In One Screen
+ Smart, Simple, And Seamless Cross-Channel Interactions
+ Easily Push And Pull Data From Your CRM / Other SORs

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Scalable, Flexible, Reliable, And Secure

+ 100% Public Cloud Infrastructure And 24/7/365 Support
+ Easily Configure Our Modules, APIs, And Growing Partner Network
+ End-To-End SLA / High Availability And Enterprise-Grade Security

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LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.