August 26, 2022

Proactive Performance Management: 5 Ways to Leverage Automated Alerts in your Contact Center

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5 Ways to Leverage Automated Alerts for Proactive Performance Management

Contact center agents rely on a continuous loop of coaching, evaluation, and feedback proactive performance management. But with more agents working remotely, the lack of face-to-face interaction often makes it hard for supervisors to see which agents are struggling, whether coaching is being applied correctly on the job, or when agents go off-script due to an error or oversight. 

How can you provide supervisors with quick access to insights that impact your contact center’s quality and compliance? Fully integrated solutions like LiveVox’s Workforce Engagement Management offer automated alerting applications that provide supervisors with a powerful tool to proactively manage their team’s performance and ongoing development. 

Here are 5 ways automated alerts can help your supervisors keep their fingers on the pulse of agent performance:

Here are 5 ways automated alerts can help your supervisors keep their fingers on the pulse of agent performance.

Provide a safety net for agent training

When considering proactive performance management and coaching agents on new skills, things don’t always go according to plan. Mistakes are part of the learning process. However, agent errors can also result in compliance breaches or service issues that put high-value customers at risk. Automated alerts access the interaction insights generated by speech analytics and can be customized to quickly surface the conversations where agents go off track and notify supervisors and other relevant parties. 

Understand where coaching is not effective

Supervisors can follow up on individual coaching sessions by setting up alerts to be triggered when an agent doesn’t apply the feedback provided, such as an agent who has been coached on specific language to use in call greetings but fails to do so. Alerts can also be configured to identify trends or contact center-wide training needs, for instance, an eLearning module that does not adequately address a training need.

Know when agents deviate from their schedules

Workforce management scheduling alerts help supervisors ensure that agents adhere to their assigned schedules. The tool tracks whether agents are sticking to their scheduled activities, such as handling customer interactions, training, meetings, and breaks. When agents go off track for a specific length of time, supervisors are alerted so they can quickly get agents back in compliance.

Keep agents on track with reminders of overdue or pending tasks

Best-in-class solutions like LiveVox WEM enable supervisors to push alerts directly to the agent’s Work Queue, where they can manage linked coaching tasks or eLearning assignments. LiveVox’s single pane of glass view means that agents never have to log out of the Agent Portal to access their tools. 

Automated Alerts: A valuable tool to keep your remote teams connected

Push critical alerts out to the organization

The contact center is generally the first to learn about major issues with service delivery or problems that occur elsewhere in the organization, such as a system outage or a down website. Alerts can be configured to automatically push email and SMS notifications to relevant individuals and teams, ensuring minimal disruption for customers.

Automated Alerts: A valuable tool to keep your remote teams connected

The ability to quickly pinpoint and respond to training gaps and critical customer interactions is a must-have for contact center supervisors managing remote teams. We hope this article gave you a good understanding of how you can use automated alerts for proactive performance management. Automated alerts ensure that agents receive coaching and feedback faster while minimizing errors, service delivery issues, and compliance risks.

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