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March 30, 2017

A Sneak Peek into the Newly Released LiveVox Platform 5

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We are excited to announce the General Availability of Platform 5 on April 3, 2017. This new release provides our customers with the latest contact center technologies, takes the LiveVox portal experience to the next level and helps your contact center take one more step ahead of the competition.

As with our Platform 4 release, our feature enhancements follow three key benefit themes.

  • Efficiency Drivers: Features that drive higher efficiency levels for managers and agents
  • Competitive Advantages: Features that help differentiate your contact center services and provide significant competitive advantages
  • Inbound/Blended Enhancements: Improve the performance of your inbound business with tools that optimize inbound capabilities

In this post, we present a few of the most compelling feature updates found in Platform 5 and show you the advantages of upgrading. To get the complete rundown on all the Platform 5 feature upgrades, go to UserHub and click on Platform 5 for a sneak peek of new features.

Efficiency Drivers

With LiveVox Platform 5, we introduce new features and enhancements that will improve manager and agent productivity. Below we discuss what we think are the top two efficiency enhancing features for manager and agent.

Features Enhancing Manager Efficiency

Call Transfer Report

In Platform 5, Agent-initiated transfers are logged, and a new stock report is available called Call Transfer Report. This was previously only available via a lengthy custom report process. The report supports all Agent-initiated transfers and details each transfer event and destination (e.g. Phonebook Transfer, Agent to Agent, Manual Transfer). This enhancement allows the operations manager to report on all Agent initiated transfers accurately.

Call Flow Editor (CFE) Enhancement

The Speech Recognition module was enhanced so that all the properties with the label Advanced have been moved into the new Advanced properties tab in that module. In the future, we will similarly simplify other CFE modules. This approach is designed to simplify the creation of complex call flows and improve usability; the new view will save time and increase the usage of CFE by making CFE more readable and more accessible.

In addition, Expression Builder has been updated in Platform 5 to insert Boolean & Logical Operators format directly from within CFE as opposed to via custom work orders. This will increase the usage of CFE by providing more self-service capabilities.

Finally, each module within CFE now has a connector tab showing a list of all connectors going in and out of a module and allowing you to directly update the source/target or event. This improves usability and reduces the visual clutter of the flow.

Features Improving Agent Productivity

Multi-Conference Support

Agents can now conference multiple parties. In platform 5, Agents can conference in up to 10 additional parties from different sources (e.g. Phonebook, Agent Book, Manual Transfer). This feature will enhance customer interaction and Agent support. Multi-Conference enhancement comes with an intuitive conference controls that become available whenever an Agent initiates a transfer. These controls include – Drop, Silence, Reconnect, Add Party, Swap, Merge and Exit.

Agent Messagebook

Clients are now able to configure Agent Messagebook directly on the Voice Portal. Messagebook is a feature that allows Agents to play pre-recorded messages (e.g.Mini-Miranda, Offers, Disclosures, Contract Agreements) to a customer on inbound and ATDS calls. This feature ensures that an Agent delivers a message completely word for word for each interaction, increasing Quality Control.

Bolster Competitive Advantage

Agent Desktop Audio Connection (WebRTC)

LiveVox utilizes Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) which is a method for delivering voice and other forms of communication that are embedded directly in a web page (supported on Chrome and Firefox). For clients taking advantage of our voice-over-IP connections, agents will now be able to connect their audio to LiveVox using Agent Desktop without the need of an additional soft phone application installation, reducing the dependency on IT, and therefore accelerating the time of deployment. It also enables a seamless Agent experience without the Agent having to navigate to two applications to connect to LiveVox.

As an additional benefit, the new Opus codec supported by WebRTC provides enhanced voice quality at low bandwidth.

Campaign Appends – Real-Time Lead Integration

Clients can now append records to active campaigns. Before, once a campaign was built or playing on LiveVox, any additional records to be dialed must be loaded in a new campaign or with the help of professional services. The Campaign Appends feature helps in immediately reaching out to new contacts on an active campaign without having to create a new dialing list and without any downtime. This is directly beneficial in case of lead management for instance, where new leads have a tendency to appear during the course of the day and require immediate attention to have a higher chance of closure.

Blended/Inbound Enhancements

CFE Billing Tree Module (with Secure Payment Capture)

This feature offers usability improvement with new modules (check and credit card) added for ease of configuration with payment processor Billing Tree. Clients must have an existing relationship with Billing Tree to utilize these modules.

Inbound Monitoring Enhancements

Inbound Service Monitor Widget has been updated to display real-time data. The report is updated every minute to show accurate inbound statistics. In Platform 5, LVP will replace the ‘fixed time buckets’ with rolling intervals using this data.

Are you ready for the upgrade? Register for our webinar to learn more about the LiveVox Platform 5.

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