June 14, 2022

Outbound Call Center Companies: LiveVox Outbound Dialer Software Features & Benefits

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Outbound Call Center Companies: LiveVox Outbound Dialer Software Features & Benefits

There’s no shortage of outbound call center companies in the market today. Voice remains one of the most effective engagement channels but has also become more challenging over the last five years. Increasingly complicated regulatory restrictions and changing consumer sentiment have made outreach one of the most difficult operations to manage.

Your business needs a reliable outbound call center company that can help you increase your sales while mitigating risk. Look no further than LiveVox. Our outbound dialer software is the most reliable and efficient in the market, and it comes with a host of features that will benefit your business and make your agents’ lives much easier.

We offer some of the most comprehensive compliance controls available for outbound dialing that spans the TCPA, CFPB, and more regulatory requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using outbound call center software, as well as some of its key capabilities that boost efficiency in outbound call center companies.

Outbound call center companies: Why LiveVox?

LiveVox’s Four Clouds™ systems consist of four separate dialing solutions spanning Manual, Preview-All, Human Call Initiator® (HCI®), and Automated. Each dialing system is available for use based on your specific business needs. LiveVox’s HCI® system is the only TCPA-focused solution with a consistent track record of numerous positive TCPA court rulings (11-0), in addition to also helping businesses maintain some of the highest levels of operational efficiencies.

Outbound call center companies should focus on risk mitigation

To help ensure a unified experience for outbound activity and resulting inbound calls, our outbound solution is fully blended, enabling agents to identify and personalize each connected outbound or resulting inbound call upon connection with customers.

What is outbound dialer software?

Outbound dialer software is a system that helps call center agents make outbound calls. Anytime you make a call, you’re engaging in outbound dialing, or the process of using a phone or mobile device to dial out to another telephone line. Outbound dialer software automates the process of making and receiving calls, as well as provides features that help agents be more efficient and effective on calls.

Why do you need outbound dialer software?

Outbound dialer software is essential for any call center that makes outbound calls. The software automates the process of making and receiving calls, as well as provides features that help agents be more efficient and effective on calls. Additionally, outbound dialer software comes with a host of features that can benefit your business, including:

Improve agent productivity

The number one benefit of an outbound dialing solution is to increase the productivity of your agents. Outbound calling software reduces downtime by carefully scheduling the next call so that a fresh lead is ready to dial as soon as an agent becomes free. It saves salespeople time and eliminates the frustration of waiting through endless busy signals and voicemail messages before reaching a live person.

Aid in customer acquisition

Automating your outbound voice outreach allows you to expand your geographical presence and target new demographics that in-person salespeople haven’t been able to reach or don’t have the time to cover. Outbound call center solutions make it easy to scale your customer acquisition efforts by quickly adding or removing lines as needed.

Meet or surpass sales goals

Not only can an outbound dialing platform assist agents in achieving sales goals, but it can also help them increase revenue while lowering costs. It sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? Not if you use an outbound dialing platform to empower agents to get the most value from each lead, turning existing customers into recurring customers. 

Mitigate risk

With each passing year, the landscape for outbound voice grows more complicated due to new legislation and evolving court rulings. Using outbound dialing software will keep you on the legal side of operations by limiting contact attempts and automating required compliance procedures.

Who is our outbound dialer software for?

Many outbound call center companies target any and all business. Our outbound solution is for contact centers that specifically want to 1) optimize outreach engagement strategies in a fluid regulatory environment and 2) maintain a high level of risk mitigation and workforce efficiency while doing so.

What problem is LiveVox solving?

The outbound call center industry is ripe with inefficiencies, from an over-reliance on manual processes to a lack of true omnichannel engagement. These problems have only been exacerbated by the pandemic as contact centers scramble to adapt their outbound operations to a remote environment.

A growing majority of consumers rely solely on their cell phones as a form of communication. Reaching these consumers has become increasingly complicated as regulatory requirements and consumer sentiment continue to shift. LiveVox is unlike other outbound call center companies. We’re solving these problems with our Four Clouds™ outbound dialing system. The Four Clouds™ is a comprehensive outbound solution that offers four different ways to dial out, each designed for a specific type of outbound campaign.

About LiveVox’s Four Clouds™ system

LiveVox’s Four Clouds™ outbound dialing solution consists of four separate dialing systems that can be employed – or not – based on your specific business needs. 

Each dialing solution in this system is fully separated at both the hardware and software levels. Here’s a comprehensive overview of each of the four outbound dialing solutions.

Manual solution

With manual outbound dialing, an agent must initiate each outbound call manually. The system will provide the next phone number on the list for the agent to dial. The agent then presses a button to start the outbound call process and then enters their credentials. The outbound dialer will start to dial the first phone number on the list. If there is no answer, the dialer will move on to the next phone number and so forth.

Outbound call center companies use different types of dialers, including manual dialing solutions

With our manual solution, you can enable your agents to make outbound calls to specific contacts at their own pace. The LiveVox Manual dialer lets agents easily engage with customers based on intuition and interaction history provided in one configurable agent desktop.

How it works

LiveVox’s Manual System includes two dialing modes: Manual and 10 Digit Manual with Transfer (10 DMT). The Manual Dialer gives agents maximum flexibility to easily launch outbound calls while keeping compliance in mind.

The benefits

Managers can easily monitor agent performance by leveraging real-time dashboards. Detailed reporting also gives insight into agent and campaign results. You can finally adopt a solution that lets you understand agent productivity and optimize your contact center operations

Like with all LiveVox solutions, our manual dialer helps simplify compliance management with automated risk controls. This makes it easy to address TCPA, FDCPA, and other regulations. Want to give your agents maximum flexibility? This manual dialing solution is for you.

Preview-all solution

Our preview-all solution provides your agents with relevant insights before they make a call to help them prepare. This software is an add-on to a manual dialer and can fully integrate into any system.

How it works

Like with a standard manual dialer, an agent is presented with a phone number and manually clicks a button to launch (or skip) a call to that number, and then handles the call. With Preview-All, an agent receives relevant insights before the call to empower performance during the call.

The benefits

This feature not only gives agents more confidence going into a call but also greatly improves the customer experience. Our Preview-All solution is recommended for agents that need time to prepare before speaking with high-touch, high-value contacts.

Human Call Initiator®

Without consent to call cell numbers, outbound operations can be complicated and risky. That’s why we created a Telephone Consumer Protection Act-focused dialing system for cell phone engagement that maximizes productivity over manual dialing and mitigates risk. It’s called Human Call Initiator® or HCI® for short. It enables your agents to engage with contacts more productively while mitigating risk.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Think again. HCI® is battle-tested and built to enable optimized agent performance while balancing regulatory risk. It’s actually backed by an 11-0 court record. Other outbound call center companies don’t have a risk mitigation solution even close to this.

How it works

A “clicker agent” clicks a button to launch a call. One click can launch just one call. Use HCI® to improve productivity over manual dialing while keeping compliance in mind.

The benefits

HCI® helps your agents remain compliance focused while making calls. This increases the potential for contacting your party, more leads, etc. 

We actively invest in monitoring and addressing legal developments to continue to optimize this technology. It’s truly the premier product for TCPA risk mitigation. We recommend HCI® to agents who call unconsented cell phones, so they can balance risk mitigation.

Automated dialing system

An automated dialing system (ACD), also called an autodialer, is a device or piece of software that automatically dials phone numbers. The system will automatically dial a list of phone numbers and, when someone answers, it will connect the call to an agent. 

With an automated outbound calling system, you can place outbound calls faster and with more precision than with a manual outbound calling system. The LiveVox Automated Dialer lets you quickly make outbound calls to your customers with a few clicks.

How it works

Our ACD facilitates highly efficient and targeted outreach. We use robust algorithms and campaign segmentation to launch targeted outreach with nearly unlimited outbound calling capacity that meets any pacing requirement.

The benefits

We focus on high-value conversations and not just the high call quantity. Our Answering Machine Detection (AMD) and customer authentication ensure agents are only connected to high-value contacts while enriched agent desktops facilitate faster talk-offs. If you want to improve contact rates and reduce agent idle time, this automated dialing system is for you.

Comprehensive compliance controls

When it comes to compliance management, contact centers that perform outbound operations must have a plan in place. Be careful when searching outbound call center companies. Many don’t have a comprehensive compliance management system in place.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits using an automated dialer software to contact cell phones unless the recipient has provided and not revoked “consent” to receive the call or text message. This is just one example of how the federal government regulates automated dialer software.

Needless to say, managing complex and often fluid contact attempt requirements and preferences can be incredibly challenging. 

LiveVox addresses this issue with comprehensive and automatic controls that can be customized by consumer account, phone, zip code, or campaign level. This approach is the foundation of our sustainable risk mitigation model.

Here are some of the controls that LiveVox uses to ensure compliance and risk mitigation:

  • State Dialing Settings
  • Time Zone Settings
  • Maximum Dial Attempt Settings (Account & Phone)
  • Do Not Call (DNC)
  • Zip-Area Mismatch
  • Cell Phone Scrubs
  • PCI-DSS 3rd Party Payment Lines

With our outbound dialer software, you can be sure that your contact center is in compliance with the latest TCPA regulations. This comprehensive and automatic approach to compliance ensures that your outbound operations are sustainable and risk-free.

The benefits of an inclusive system

By utilizing four separate outbound dialing systems, LiveVox gives you the highest level of risk mitigation while driving performance and efficiency across your contact center, including enhancing your lead generation capabilities. Here are a few more benefits of LiveVox’s Four Clouds™.

Balance efficiency and risk mitigation

We help you optimize your engagement strategies and manage today’s regulatory requirements with four separate outbound dialing systems: three manual and one automated. Each system has different combinations of risk mitigation and productivity to fit your specific business needs.

Convert more leads

Convert on the initial interest by getting in touch with prospects quickly and efficiently, using multiple channels with personalized messages. And by gaining the insights you need to fine-tune your interactions.

Simplify compliance management

Leverage comprehensive compliance controls that simplify how you address TCPA, FDCPA, and other regulations. All controls are configured on-demand and can be implemented across your in-house or outsourced operations.

When it comes to outbound call center companies, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The right outbound call center company for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. 

However, out of all the outbound call center companies in the market, we believe that LiveVox provides the best outbound dialer software today. With its robust features and benefits, it is the perfect solution for any outbound call center operation. View our website or request a demo to learn more about our outbound dialer software and how it can help your business.

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