October 1, 2016

Olympic Lessons For Using PBX Systems

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We all watched and were amazed by the Olympic athletes in Rio! Do you ever wonder how they get to be so good? Olympians train and reach unprecedented levels by measuring their performance regularly, not just during competitions. Measuring and monitoring their daily performances empower them to pinpoint their weak spots and to train towards improving those areas. The difference between winning and losing an Olympic medal is often determined by only hundredths of a second.

So a key lesson learned from the Olympians is that “What gets measured gets improved.”

However, as a call center manager handling accounts with cell phones, you may feel that the recent TCPA guidelines force you to use a PBX system without monitoring/reporting capabilities. How are you supposed to measure and improve like the Olympians if your technology has you handcuffed? On a PBX system, it’s hard to get insights on agent performance.

How can you excel in terms of agency performance… and, perhaps even “medal” against your competition!

Don’t get stalled at low-performance levels with a PBX System

LiveVox has the perfect “stopwatch” for you!

We’ve discovered how to apply strategic measurement techniques to your manual portfolio. LiveVox Manual dialing not only matches the manual initiation of a PBX, but its ability to provide reporting, monitoring, and insights have also proven to deliver real productivity gains.

It is critical that you have visibility into the areas where your agents are getting stuck. Are the agents spending too much time in Not Ready or Wrap stages? If so, why? Do they need coaching/training in a particular area? Alternatively, do supervisors need to correct any unproductive behavior? These questions are almost impossible to answer when utilizing ‘oblivious’ technology like a PBX.

Asking your agents to increase the number of calls or resolve more cases without identifying performance bottlenecks is equivalent to jumping hurdles in the dark!

In fact, that’s why we call the performance improvements enabled by LiveVox’s Manual Dialing solution, the “Lights on Effect.” Let’s read further to find out how much improvement we have seen in the actual use cases.

Heighten Agents Performance with LiveVox Manual Dialing

LiveVox manual dialing solutions have proven to be a powerful tool for agent performance improvement while achieving some of the highest TCPA risk mitigation levels.

  • Real-time monitoring capabilities give you granular visibility into agents’ Incall, Ready, Not Ready, and Wrap times
  • Monitoring allows managers to identify areas to improve and provide training to chart a path for agents’ performance improvement
  • Management oversight improves agent accountability
  • Increased productive Talk Time, due to reduction in unproductive Not Ready, Ready and Wrap times
  • Reporting capabilities help you explore performance over time and define best practices
  • Reporting enables tracking progress towards goals using metrics
  • 100% call recording meets the requirement for key compliance controls and visibility

Scorecard with the “Lights on Effect”

  • +23% increase in agency productivity*
  • 25% reduction in headcount / overall expenses*
  • 69% increase in resolved cases to boost your bottom line*

*Statistics are based on data from large agencies that moved to LiveVox Manual Solution from PBX systems.

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