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  • LiveVox CEO Louis Summe, Director of Product Management Kevin Stark, and EVP of Business Operations Erik Fowler will help lead a discussion on how cloud technology is providing contact centers with flexible TCPA/CFPB focused tools to balance legal exposure and expense in today’s hyper-compliance-focused environment.
  • The discussion is part of this year’s Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) Consumer Technology Forum, an exclusive one day event, hosted by insideARM taking place today, Thursday, January 21st in Washington, D.C.

SAN FRANCISCO, January 21, 2016 – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, announced its leaders, LiveVox CEO Louis Summe, Director of Product Management Kevin Stark, and SVP of Business Operations Erik Fowler will join industry leaders in a discussion on how technology is helping to level the playing field for contact centers in a rapidly changing compliance environment at CRC’s 2016 Consumer Technology Forum in Washington D.C. today.

On the session, LiveVox’s CEO Louis Summe states, “Over the past decade, the regulatory and political bodies have essentially flipped the core business models of contact centers from a focus on achieving performance to adhering to compliance. This new reality has redefined success as the ability to dynamically balance legal exposure and expense. Understanding the variables that impact legal exposure and expense are the first steps in developing a strategy to optimize the balance for success in today’s new reality. Being able to manage those impacting factors are fundamental to the execution of that strategy. This is where cloud technology has played a significant role in our clients’ ability to remain competitive. We have worked closely with industry leaders to develop LiveVox’s Four Clouds, which provides the flexibility to manage these variables in a cost-effective array of on-demand dialing systems and we are excited for the opportunity to share the best practices we have learned in doing so.”

The Consumer Relations Consortium – (CRC) is a group of more than 20 Large Market Participants in the debt collection industry who proactively engage with regulators and consumer advocacy groups to bridge the gap of understanding and expectations often present between consumers and collectors.

The 2016 Consumer Technology Forum is exclusive to CRC members (spanning CEO/Presidents, General Counsels, and Chief Compliance Officers) and will focus on an interactive conversation with leading providers of dialer technology and industry leaders to discuss TCPA concerns, and to engage in a forward-looking discussion about future development of contact center technology.

About the event:

EVENT: Consumer Relations Consortium’s (CRC) Consumer Technology Forum

DATE/LOCATION: Washington D.C.



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