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  • LiveVox, a member of insideARM’s Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) Innovation Council Leadership Committee, will join other industry leaders on a two-day event discussing multichannel adoption
  • LiveVox will share how cloud is enabling a practical approach to multichannel consent management with capabilities such as Transactional Email, helping contact centers implement effective channel of choice engagement
  • InsideARM’s CRC Innovation Council meeting takes place August 9th – 10th in Washington D.C.


SAN FRANCISCO, August 8th, 2017 – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud channel of choice communications solutions, announced that it will join other industry leaders at insideARM’s CRC Innovation Council meeting, focusing on multichannel challenges and solutions. At the event, LiveVox will share how contact centers can cost-effectively address the risk mitigation challenges of multichannel adoption, without disrupting existing workflows, using cloud-enabled Transactional Email.

On the event, Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist states, “We are excited for the opportunity to once again join industry leaders at this unique event and discuss this session’s topic of multichannel. Expanding beyond voice presents an invaluable opportunity to maximize connection rates with today’s increasingly digital consumer.  However, managing multichannel consent remains a significant challenge preventing contact centers from capitalizing on additional channels. We look forward to hearing from and sharing solutions that can help contact center leaders engage consumers on their channel of choice.”

As it becomes increasingly difficult to reach consumers via telephone, multichannel contact strategies is rapidly emerging as a differentiator, especially for BPOs. Yet, BPOs who may be uncertain about consent transfer from client to outsourcer face unique regulatory concerns regarding multichannel adoption. LiveVox provides a practical approach to help solve for this challenge with Transactional Email. Transactional Email empowers agents to facilitate key consent management functions during a call interaction without interrupting existing workflows.

To learn more about LiveVox’s Transactional Email, click here to download the assets from our recent webinar.

The CRC Innovation Council Leadership Committee is comprised of 11 technology firm representatives and over 30 CRC member representatives. The committee helps set agendas and drive progress on Innovation Council projects that may occur between meetings (i.e. best practices, data gathering, regulatory advisory, and more). To learn more visit,

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LiveVox is a leading provider of enterprise cloud contact center solutions, managing more than 9 billion interactions a year across a multichannel environment. With over 15 years of pure cloud expertise, we empower contact center leaders to drive effective engagement strategies on the consumer’s channel of choice. Our leading-edge risk mitigation and security capabilities help clients quickly adapt to a changing business environment. With new features released quarterly, LiveVox remains at the forefront of cloud contact center innovation. Supported by over 450 employees and rapidly growing, we are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Atlanta, Bangalore, and Colombia. To learn more, visit or email us at



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