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LiveVox Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Jim Lynch, will join Jennifer Kuechler, COO, Strategic Link, to share how contact centers are using data to simplify the path to a personalized customer experience with new channels.

  • The session, “Omnichannel Think Tank: How to Leverage Data to Optimize an Omnichannel CX” is takes place Thursday, January 30th at Customer Contact Week’s Winter Conference.
  • LiveVox is a proud sponsor of the event and is offering contact center leaders a designated discount code available
  • Customer Contact Week Winter takes place January 28th-31st in Nashville, TN. To register, click here.


SAN FRANCISCO, January 16th, 2020 – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of customer service and digital engagement tools, announced that LiveVox Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Jim Lynch, will join Jennifer Kuechler, COO, Strategic Link, to host a Think Tank on the topic of omnichannel engagement at the upcoming CCW Winter Conference.

Strategic Link, an omnichannel fintech leader, will share how a focus on delivering personalized customer experience through data is helping pave the way to the next generation of engagement with technology partners such as LiveVox. The session will also discuss best practices, lessons learned, and new ideas to help overcome key challenges to achieving to optimal business performance in today’s digital age.

On the event, Jennifer Kuechler, COO, Strategic Link, states, “Although the topic of omnichannel has been popular for more than a decade now, it still remains difficult to achieve. This is often due to businesses taking a bolt-on approach to adding new channels, without a holistic understanding of how these new channels may impact the overall customer experience. Although we continue to see an increased demand for digital channels, customers still expect a unified and cohesive experience throughout their entire customer journey, regardless of how they choose to communicate with a brand. I look forward to sharing more on this topic, as well as some lessons learned at the upcoming CCW Nashville Conference.”

LiveVox Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Jim Lynch, reiterates this sentiment sharing, “Over the last several years I have had the unique opportunity to work with many contact center leaders as they seek to expand their engagement strategies to incorporate new channels. In the process, I have seen approaches that work, as well as some that don’t. I am excited to be joining Jennifer and other industry leaders at CCW to discuss some best practices that I have learned along the way around how to use data to achieve true omnichannel to meet the needs of today’s digital consumer.”


About the Event:

  • Event: CCW Winter 2020
  • Session: Omnichannel Think Tank: How to Leverage Data to Optimize an Omnichannel Customer Experience
  • Date/Time: January 30th at 10:50am – 12:25pm CT
  • Location: JW Marriot Nashville; Nashville, TN
  • Register: click here.


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