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March 21, 2017

Improve Campaign Performance With LiveVox Intelligent Email

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Why Email?

As consumers leave their traditional phone lines behind and expand to other communication channels, email use is on the rise as a channel for contact centers to connect. These “hyper”-connected consumers expect to be met through their channel of choice, which is often not the traditional voice channel. Studies have shown that contact centers reaching out to consumers through their preferred channel have a higher probability to connect. The email channel affords direct access and the ability to track consumer responses in an effective and efficient manner.

Disparate Communications Systems Create Issues

Contact centers often have multiple systems in place to handle their various modes of communication. Whether it be for inbound or outbound, landline or cell phone, in-house or outsourced, or even traditional mail service, connecting information across multiple systems poses a complex integration challenge. This lack of integration can hinder access to the consumer and impair contact center performance. Additionally, in highly regulated environments, delivering the needed risk mitigation tools, appropriate reporting, and thorough campaign tracking requires well-thought out system design and integration. How do you measure the effectiveness of a batch email send or bulk email when there is no data access or integrated reporting? What do you do when you have an incomplete contact record and you’re not able reach out via traditional voice channels? Do you have the right systems to enable you to leverage the digital channel’s ease of use efficiently and effectively? These are all critical contact issues that our integrated, intelligent email solution solves!

Introducing the LiveVox Intelligent Email Solution

To fill this contact center gap, LiveVox has added intelligent, integrated email capabilities to its pure cloud contact center solution. Now, LiveVox clients can leverage email capabilities to enhance and augment their outbound and inbound campaigns over additional contact channels. The email solution leverages the rich LiveVox data set to support our existing risk mitigation tools and, with the use of our Business Intelligence tool, provides call-back attribution through other channels. Because these capabilities are part of our overall cloud solution, they are available in a matter of hours, not days.

The power of easy to use email

Our integrated email solution enables call center operators and agents to easily set up and conduct a variety of email campaigns to consumers. These include:

  • Creating and Launching Mass Email Campaigns to a Target Set of Consumers
  • Implementing Collection Specific Email Opt-In Programs
  • Combining with Other Channels to Improve and Track Response Rates

Within our solution, we provide a variety of tools to assist contact centers with the set-up and delivery of the various email messages. The LiveVox integrated email solution provides a robust set of capabilities at the click of a button or scroll of a mouse. These beneficial features include:

  • Standard sets of email templates,
  • List upload and management tools,
  • Email address validation/cleanse features, and
  • Spam filtering

The strength of robust reporting

A key differentiator for the LiveVox email solution comes from its reporting and tracking of campaign performance. Adding in the power of our Business Intelligence(BI) tools gives contact center operations a path to timely insight for actionable improvements. For example, with our integrated email and Business Intelligence, you can:

  • Measure Results of Email Campaigns & Call Backs Associated with them
  • Track Attempts Across Email & Phone Channels

Additionally, with this level of analytics and tracking, the solution provides a robust set of risk mitigation support. With our email offering, you’re able to get real time visibility into email interactions (sends, bounces, opens, etc.), along with historical documentation of interactions and post-campaign reporting of call-back attribution.

The Combination Enables Better ROI

When you combine all these great new email capabilities with the proven and reliable LiveVox inbound and outbound voice channels, you can see how they can drive higher ROI with multi-channel contact campaigns. With this combination, contact center operators can now use email as a cost-effective outreach mechanism when full contact details (i.e. lack of phone number) are missing or when the voice and mobile channels have proven ineffective. Additionally, an operator can drive calls back to a specific inbound channel (1-800 number, online, etc.) and leverage LiveVox Business Analytics to get call-back attribution for actionable channel analytics.

Drive Multi-Channel Success with the Combined Power of Email and Business Intelligence

As consumers are increasingly demanding communication over a variety of channels beyond the standard voice, the LiveVox expansion with the email channel provides a cost-effective path to enabling improved consumer connections via an alternative channel. Integrated email coupled with Business Intelligence can quickly raise campaign ROI with the ability to track call-back attribution.

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) simplifies data collection and analysis across the disparate systems of a contact center. BI thus helps your organization to use the data gathered from various sources to focus contact center efforts:

  • on the RIGHT accounts at the RIGHT time,
  • using the RIGHT contact channel, and
  • with the RIGHT number of people, also at the RIGHT times.


With the release of our Intelligent Email solution, the LiveVox contact center solutions have added key features to help contact centers improve campaign performance while continuing to utilize the risk mitigation capabilities of our proven systems. To learn more about the LiveVox Intelligent Email solution, contact us to set up a demo.

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