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January 21, 2020

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: 5 Questions to Assess Your Contact Center

One of the most asked questions contact center leaders today face, is simply, “What is Omnichannel?” In this blog, we’ll shed light on what it means to be an omnichannel contact center and how to assess where you are on the journey. 

First and foremost, So … What is Omnichannel? 

Most businesses use at least two channels to reach consumers. Some use as many as five. But does the number of channels used qualify you to hold the badge of “Omnichannel”? To better understand and perhaps build a business case for your 2020 initiatives, let’s first understand what Omnichannel is.  

The simple answer is that Omnichannel is the ability to create a consistently highlevel of personalization across all channels, at all times. For a bit more depth, we look to a contact center consulting group’s explanation: 

“Omni-channel customer service provides a real-time perspective of customer interactions, regardless of channel. Multi-channel is a siloed approach where contact and interaction details reside wholly or in part in the channel silo. As a result, front line staff can’t access the most current or accurate information. They are therefore at a disadvantage when interacting with customers.” – Colin Taylor CEO & Chief Chaos Officer at The Taylor Reach Group 

Why Should You Care? 

An increasingly digital-savvy and instant gratification consumer has resulted in a significant reduction in brand patience and loyalty. In the last few years, we’ve seen that trend generate a tangible impact on the bottom line as research leaders such as Frost & Sullivan found that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. 

So, how far along is your business on the path to achieving True Omnichannel? To find out, take this quick quiz. Where are you along the Journey? (Grade from a SCALE OF 1-5

Can you journey map across multiple channels?  

(1) Not at the moment  

(3) Sort of, but it’s manual and has some holes 

(5) Yes, very easily 

Do your interactions include the option to switch channels?  

(1) No, they do not  

(3) Some of the channels do but I have trouble linking all of them 

(5) Yes, all interactions offer the ability to switch channels 

Can you generate cross-channel reports?  

(1) No, reports must be pulled for each individual channel 

(3) Yes, for some of the channels, but not all 

(5) Yes, very easily 

Is channel preference management automated across all channels? 

(1) Not currently, channel preference is tracked by channel 

(3) Sort of, channel preferences can be matched across one or two channels 

(5) Yes, channel preference management is fully automated across all engagement channels 

Can your agents see all previous multichannel and ticketing activities?  

(1) Not at the moment 

(3) Some channel activity, but not including ticketing 

(5) Yes, all ticketing interactions and multichannel history is available to agents  

RESULTS: Where Do You Fall On Your Omnichannel Journey? 

To find out where does your contact center have True Omnichannel? Add all your selections and follow the grid below:  

  • 5-10: Just Starting
  • 10-20: On the Way
  • 15-25:NearlyAchieving True Omnichannel 

If you’ve scored closer to 25, you are one of only 11% of contact centers who believe they’ve reached True Omnichannel. If you didn’t, innovation and best practices are being forged by those ahead of you. You can take their lessons and use them to make your journey just a bit easier.  

To help share these learning lessons, LiveVox is hosting a Think Tank at the Contact Center Week Winter conference in Nashville. Jim Lynch, Senior Director, Product Marketing, LiveVox, will meet with industry leaders on a round table discussion titled “How to Leverage Data to Optimize and Omnichannel”.  The Think Tank takes place Thursday, January 30th at 10:50am 

If you’re interested in joining the conference, LiveVox can provide a discount code by clicking here.  

To get a preview of what LiveVox is sharing with attendees, you can visit the page here. 

In the meantime, here is a tip sheet from our CCW round table event on Digital Transformation. This tip sheet, “5 Steps to Successful Digital Customer Experience” provides five key ways to think about your digital transformation journey.  

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