September 9, 2021

Meet eLVee, LiveVox’s New AI Virtual Agent

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eLVee, LiveVox's New AI Virtual Agent

Are you still wondering what all the chatbot hype is about? Well, if you ever enjoyed the convenience and ease of using Siri, Google, and Alexa, then you might want to re-evaluate your position. Although these virtual assistants are not chatbots per se, they are audio chatbots, if you will. The benefits of implementing a chatbot are endless and quickly becoming a modern-day staple for any online business. 

Benefits of LiveVox’s chat solutions

You might be overwhelmed with the types of webchat and bots available on the market these days and not sure where to start, but our easy-to-use technology can seamlessly maximize your contact center’s engagement potential. Using our chatbot applications can help you better understand customer needs and improve customer support and contact center agent experience. Here’s the benefits breakdown:

  1. Increase lead generation. eLVee can help you nurture leads with its ability to gauge the intent of the prospect itself. You are personalizing the experience for opportunities from different sectors and demographics. Better targeting and dynamic questions lead to higher conversions and can increase lead capture by 33%.
  2. Comprehensive analytics. Intelligent virtual assistants provide customer analytics to see how your bot performs and where users are most engaged or drop off within the conversation. Data collected enables you to easily track and measure KPIs with the option to export bot responses for further analysis leading to powerful insights that help improve your business performance.
  3. Improve Support + FAQ. Customers can receive the answers they need when they need them without waiting for live support. You can solve customer inquires and easily by directing to FAQs or giving more information. By reducing wait times to near zero, you can improve the customer experience.

24/7 Availability

Customers expect seamless, speedy service, and chatbot technology makes round-the-clock customer support a reality by letting customers initiate self-service sessions anytime. A LiveVox AI chatbot will improve CSAT and free up valuable time, allowing agents with AI to spend 64% of their time solving the most complex problems

When you offer automated assistance to your customers, you can balance automation with a human touch. You can deliver high-quality customer service and live chat with customers in real-time. Simply set up quick answers to repetitive queries, and when the moment arises, you can transfer more complex queries, along with customer data, to agents. When agents have access to the right information it will improve both the customer and agent experience.  

Intelligent virtual assistance

AI is made simple and practical with LiveVox’s web and chatbot products so you can automate high-frequency tasks and offer intelligent self-service options like triggered digital messaging workflows for personalized, targeted conversations unique to each customer. eLVee uses a combination of processes that leverage:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI). Enables web chats to simulate human behavior and can be programmed to respond intelligently depending on the situation. This allows contact centers to collect behavioral analytics that can enhance an agents’ customer service. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is how computers can understand (human language) and generate natural-sounding speech. This is improved over time by employing machine learning to strengthen the NLP component of the bot. 
  • Machine Learning (ML). AI bots can improve over time thanks to machine learning (ML) which uses past data to determine accurate responses. You can optimize your bot with training data (the more the better), experiment with different conversational structures, and add new intents over time to better achieve valuable business and marketing KPIs.

Easy to set up

With eLVee, building, implementing, and managing a chatbot is as easy as point, click, drag, and drop. Our setup offers an easy, intuitive way to build a chatbot because it is tied to the LiveVox CRM and Contact Manager, removing the need for complex integrations. Managers can build and deploy a virtual assistant in minutes using a visual bot editor that creates bots easily by adding nodes in a visual editor.  

As part of LiveVox’s unified contact center solution, customers can transition seamlessly from a bot conversation to a live agent any time and continue the conversation across preferred channels. By setting important conversational milestones, you can customize eLVee that allows you to qualify leads, segment users, and get alerted without ever needing live intervention. It is easy to set up and automatically syncs customer profile data. 

The benefits of using a chatbot are clear. Keep your organization as productive and efficient as possible, eLvee is here to help!

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