April 28, 2017

Measuring Multichannel ROI: Unlock Call Attribution

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Reaching consumers on their preferred channel of choice has become a standard expectation in today’s increasingly mobile environment. As contact center leaders race to adapt, many are overlooking a significant handicap that is critical to leveraging multichannel – the ability to effectively measure ROI.

Many contact centers are still struggling to measure performance on each non-voice channel, and the vast majority have little to no means of measuring performance across multiple channels. This inability to view and compare performance across all channels is leaving businesses essentially operating blind.

In this blog post, we will discuss the challenges and solutions to multichannel insight. Let’s start simple – what exactly is a multichannel campaign?

Understanding a Multichannel Campaign

A contact center may have numerous channels at its disposal such as Voice, SMS, Email as well as Postal Letters. To optimize the opportunity to engage a consumer through their preferred channel, a campaign leveraging all 4 channels may be combined in a single multi-touch, multi-channel outreach strategy. A typical multichannel campaign can follow a flowchart approach stating how and when to contact a customer.

Use case example: Collecting a bill using a multichannel campaign:

Let’s take the case of contacting a consumer regarding an outstanding bill. A contact center agent would first make an outbound call, and if no one answers the phone, the agent may leave a voice message with a callback number. If the payment is still not received, an SMS may be sent with a callback number. If the customer still does not respond, an email can be sent with a callback number.

Challenges To Cross-Channel Insight

In the use case above, separate applications are most likely used for each channel. The use of different applications inherently results in siloed data – an activity that occurs and tracked on one channel, may not be easily conntected to another. This handicap limits performance measurement to a single channel, at a single touchpoint.

For example, in the use case, a contact center might be able to track if a payment was made as a result of a voicemail if the campaign workflow stopped after the voicemail. But when combined with SMS and Email, tracing exactly which channel and what combination of channels drove the final payment is incredibly difficult.

The inability to see across all channels makes it virtually impossible to manage and drive multi-channel performance, and most importantly, multichannel ROI.

What Does it take to Gain Insight?

Above we discussed the inherent challenge with siloed applications, but the challenges to gaining insight don’t end there. Even if contact centers spent the hundreds of thousands or more to integrate siloed applications, they may still not be able to gain the visibility needed to drove ROI. There are 2 other fundamental challenges handicapping insight on multichannel campaigns: 1) Flawed Channel Attribution and 2) Data Deluge.

What is channel attribution and why is it so difficult?

Call attribution is simply the ability to track which channel drove an inbound call, which resulted in payment. Let’s take a look at one of the most common approaches to tracking performance on a non-voice channel, applying 800 numbers as in the use case above.

Many may be attempting to track performance by assigning an 800 number for a specific email, for a specific campaign, for a specific business line, of a specific client. In theory, one would be able to mannually track and deduce the voice activity of that specific campaign and the corresponding email if the consumer calls into that allotted 800 number mentioned in the specific email.

That approach is effective, but only if:

  1. A contact center ran a handful of campaigns in total
  2. Email was the only channel they used, and
  3. That 800 number was solely used for that individual email campaign alone.

That, of course, is not the case for any contact center of size or BPO whose campaign volume amount to the hundreds to thousands – per business line/client.

Here in lies the problem, the Mt. Everest sized data problem…

Each campaign is a multiplier of data, and each channel associated with a campaign is a compound of that multiplier, resulting in a deluge of data that also exists in separate channel applications. Now imagine the number of campaigns associated with each business line and the number of business lines for each client. Tracking each 800 number activity, across each siloed channel application, is enough to handicap any database, or in some cases, excel-sheet report, analysis.

Therefore the sheer amount of data trapped in different technologies makes it nearly impossible to attribute any payment to a specific campaign.

Gaining Multichannel Insight to Drive ROI with Cloud

Cloud is simultaneously solving all 3 challenges prohibiting multichannel insight by bypassing data barriers and capacity limitations. LiveVox’s Intelligent Email solution is a prime example:

Integrated Channels

LiveVox’s Email channel is directly integrated into LiveVox’s contact center platform, creating a central data repository for campaign activity, for both voice, email, and SMS. In doing so, all activity, across all channels, are no longer trapped in different applications.

Automatic Call Attributions

Since data is now centralized, LiveVox’s cloud platform empowers contact center leaders to easily attribute which channel drove a specific call back activity. In the use case above, all aspects (voice, email, and SMS) of the workflow are configured, including the unique 800 numbers for each channel, from a single source. All of the inbound voice activity resulting from the workflow is also handled by LiveVox’s cloud platform. This integration enables data to be collected and automatically attributed, eliminating the need to for deduction.

In addition, LiveVox also leverages call attribution to ensure that inbound calls from specific channel campaigns are routed to designated agents with full account data. This is critical in facilitating faster resolutions and higher consumer satisfaction.

But there still leaves the problem of data deluge.

Dealing with all that data with Business Intelligence

A key differentiator of LiveVox’s multichannel approach comes from its cross-channel analytics capability. Adding the power of our Business Intelligence (BI) Tool empowers contact center leaders with the ability to transform large amounts of data into insight of not only individual channel performance, but cross-channel performance.

With LiveVox’s BI capability, contact centers can:

  • Measure results across each channel
  • Uncover performance drivers of each channel
  • Visualize the impact of one channel on the other

With LiveVox’s Business Intelligence Tool, contact centers can leverage cross-channel dashboards like the one shown below to easily see the payments across multiple channels.

Contact centers are no longer forced to fly blind on their multichannel campaigns. Operations leaders can now confidently answer key questions like:

  • How many payments did each channel drive?
  • Why and when are they performing that way and how can I improve?
  • How did each channel impact my agent resource requirements?

To learn more about driving multichannel ROI, email us at info@livevox.com.

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