LiveVox Explains: What Are Integrated Agent Workflows In The Contact Center?

LiveVox Explains: What Are Integrated Agent Workflows In The Contact Center?

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Contact centers today experience bottlenecks that can severely hinder their workflow performance. Integrated workflows solve this. These problems can negatively impact the customer experience. Many of these issues that contact centers face revolve around siloed data, unorganized and disjointed workflows, and excess applications. Siloed data, a result of disconnected applications, can frustrate agents and lead to unresolved support interactions. Not only that, but the lack of information reduces the level of personalization, one factor that has become critical to quality support. 

The omnichannel contact center is almost always a flurry of activity as agents field incoming calls, chats, SMS messages, and emails in addition to their outbound efforts. Having a streamlined workflow makes it easier for agents to provide a better customer experience. 

Many contact centers attempt to overcome these problems through limited integration. However, this may still result in inefficient workflows. For example, widgets integrated into the CRM are often expensive. Some CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solutions might not provide clients with everything they need, and lack critical features such as a visual desktop, analytics, and workflow integrations. In an effort to streamline agents’ workflows, some contact centers implement more tools. However, this often results in agents having to click between 10 or more applications during every customer interaction. 

Having a streamlined workflow makes it easier for agents to provide a better customer experience.

A seamless solution for smarter workflows

In order to solve the issues that a lack of or limited integration causes, a seamless application that joins together all functions from one central platform can help agents experience smooth workflows. Agents receive a holistic view of each customer through their profile, as the LiveVox Integrated Agent Workflow joins data about each customer from all connected sources. Important information such as purchase history, contact preferences, and complete interaction history gives agents a better idea of what the customer needs. 

By building upon better identity abilities, agents are able to give customers the tailored, customized support that drives growth. LiveVox’s Integrated Agent Workflows also provides businesses with a highly-efficient, native contact center CRM with public APIs that can work flawlessly with other proprietary systems such as Salesforce. Contact centers can leverage these features to improve their customer service. Features include: 

A Single Pane of Glass Approach

Agents often find themselves feeling overwhelmed with numerous applications that they need to use for every customer interaction. Escalated calls or heavy call volume days can increase the pressure on agents, which can lead to lower quality customer service. LiveVox  joins all relevant systems on its platform, allowing agents to access the tools they need through a single pane of glass. 

Thorough Interaction History

It can be difficult for contact centers to keep track of every interaction now that many customers use email, SMS, and chat to communicate with agents. Since LiveVox integrates all channels of communication through its platform, agents get a clear, thorough overview of customers’ complete interaction history. Data sources from each channel connect to provide access to all previous conversations, helping agents provide a personalized experience for customers. 

Smart Scripts

LiveVox provides an agent scripting tool that provides the most relevant information for agents to use. Integrated Agent Workflows accesses critical data from multiple sources and uses that to create an efficient agent script. For example, data from the CRM can be used to generate a script that includes a customer’s call history or recent purchase. This information is useful and helps agents know how to personalize the call. 

Integrated Agent Workflows accesses critical data from multiple sources and uses that to create an efficient agent script.

Smart Desktops

Integrated Agent Workflows can also use the data they pull to create screen pops with various types of information that agents may need for each interaction. These generate and provide relevant information needed depending on the customer’s profile. When an agent is connected, they are given insight into data such as where the call is coming from and who is calling.  

Customizable Desktops

Agents can easily configure their desktops to the way that they work best. Features such as event triggers, scripts, and links can be displayed, along with customizable widgets. Agents can also choose to display important information such as call stats or team metrics. LiveVox can even create widgets from websites that agents use, further enhancing their productivity.  

The ROI of LiveVox’s Integrated Agent Workflows speaks for itself…

Disjointed workflows can be more costly than some may think; in fact, LiveVox found that successful integration with other systems improves automation and operations, resulting in an average agent cost reduction of $94,771 per month. The increased productivity and agent time saved resulted in an average efficiency gain of 30%

One of the most powerful advantages of the LiveVox platform is its full set of solutions that cater to the contact center industry. Unlike other platforms, LiveVox’s Integrated Agent Workflows, visual desktop, omnichannel solutions, and analytics provide all the tools the contact center needs to operate optimally. Common bottlenecks such as data silos are removed with LiveVox’s seamless and unified platform. In addition, LiveVox provides contact centers with powerful AI-driven tools that enhance agent coaching, analytics, customer support, and scheduling. Open APIs help facilitate up-to-date changes between applications, helping maximize agent productivity.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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