February 14, 2023

LiveVox CX Reflex Episode 1: It’s A Whole New World For Contact Center Agents

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LiveVox CX Reflex Episode 1: It’s A Whole New World For Contact Center Agents

For over 30 years, Sheri Greenhaus has been involved in nearly every aspect of customer service, CX, and contact center management, both as a contact center executive and a consultant. During the last 25 years Sheri has served as the Managing Partner of CrmXchange, the online portal for contact center and CX information.

Ms. Greenhaus began her contact center career with SalesNet, Dun & Bradstreet; the first automated outbound call center in the country. As Director of Hart Hanks Telemarketing, she oversaw the Hart Hanks call center operation. As Vice President of Marketing for CRC Information Systems, Ms. Greenhaus was responsible for sales and marketing strategies for the scripting database company. Following her corporate career she established The Greenhaus Connection, a successful consulting firm.

Launched in 1996, she founded The Tele-M@rket, later renamed CrmXchange, a website devoted to customer service, In 2006, she opened the first Virtual Conference for contact center professionals www.ecrmevents.com. Sheri Greenhaus has a Marketing degree from the University of Connecticut and a Direct Marketing Certificate Degree from NYU.   She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

We spoke with her as part of our CX Reflex series to gain a deeper understanding of the critical investments organizations should be making in their agent experience, and what happens when they don’t. 

Interview highlights include:  

• Sheri emphasizes the importance for contact centers to invest in their agents by providing a positive work environment with flexible schedules and listening to their needs.

• She also advises CX leaders on how they can communicate the value of their operations as profit centers instead of cost centers – this includes having upper-level management understand what customers go through when interacting with them and then showing what can be done to improve service journeys within the contact center.

• Virtual agents are becoming smarter over time and that means that soon the frustration associated with “dealing with robots” won’t be a thing anymore.

You can watch the full interview above. 

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